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Our first look at the Google Chromecast and its streaming capabilities. Check out our videos, photos and interviews with industry experts to learn how the streaming media player is going to change your Home Theater experience.

How to Watch TV on the Go

To enjoy TV on the go, you need a device that can stream content from the internet or via a data connection from the TV or Smart Home. Google’s new Chromecast device is one of the best options for this. The device comes with a small screen, four microphones, and lets you cast content from Google TV, iOS and Android devices. When you use the device with an internet browser, you’ll see the option to “cast to Google TV” or “cast to your TV.” Once you’ve set up the basics, you can stream content from the device to multiple devices with one streaming command. You can also use the Samsung Self-Ship Phones and the Samsung Smart Self-Ship Phones, as well as other Google devices such as the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Chromecast: The Future is Here

We’ve all heard claims that the Chromecast will be released in 2020, but Samsung has been keeping quiet about it. The device is still in development and doesn’t have many applications yet, but it’s definitely a good start. The Samsung Smart Self-Ship phone is the first device to be supported by the new Chromecast and it comes with a light show and voice command feature. Samsung has also been adding support for other devices, including future Samsung TVs, and is expected to release more details soon.

Digital Media in the Homescreen

Digital media is still a little far-out right now. YouTube videos, Netflix and Amazon videos, and even Instagram are still a little new. But now, with the advent of the Chromecast and its streaming capabilities, we can watch everything digital anywhere. Now, you can stream content from your computer to your TV from a single device. You won’t have to go through the trouble of transferring large files or commuting from one location to another. If you use your computer as a home theater receiver or as a media player, you don’t have to worry about rearranging the DVD collection or having to take a break for the day.

Google Chromecast Video Review – Should You Buy It?

We’d strongly recommend the Google Chromecast video review if you’re looking for the best deal on this big-screen marvel. We’ve gathered all the key features, performance, and benefits of the Google Chromecast video and compared it to other player options in the market. Make sure you read through our Google Chromecast video review to get an in-depth look at the best deals and features of this amazing device.

Google Chromecast Video Review: build your own playlist or stream from YouTube

The Google Chromecast lets you create and stream custom playlists, including “epic” playlists that play all your favorite videos from your computer or mobile device. You can also create your own voice-driven radio stations, record live concerts and more. You can select between two voice-command dialects and add multiple accounts for ease of use. You can also create and add your own home automation service with built-in abilities to control everything from the TV to the Keurig, toaster, and refrigerators.

Play Games on TV Set

Google Cast is versatile enough to be used with virtually every device with a screen or a keyboard. You can cast video on your computer, iOS device, Android device and more. You can even create your own on-demand video service that includes live sports and news coverage. You can create beautiful home theater presentations, or simply watch your favorite TV shows, sporting events and more on the television.


Well, this is the future of home theater. Now, it’s just a case of waiting for the device to come to market, and then watching all this great content on the go. What’s more, you can also use the feature of the device to create your own playlists, streams, and podcasts. Google Cast is the future of home theater and we highly recommend you check it out.

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