Building Memories with Family and Friends

Nothing builds closer bonds with those close to us than shared experiences. Working through the challenges of traveling together is an excellent way to grow closer. This is one reason the military puts groups of soldiers under as much stress as possible and then has them work together to overcome obstacles. Teamwork is key to building cohesion and closeness.

Increasing Our Resourcefulness

Traveling to new places requires us to navigate roads and language barriers to make the trip successful. These barriers make us more aware of the environment and the experience. They push us to think in new ways to overcome these challenges. With time and practice, we experience less stress when adapting to these different environments.

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After I moved to Norway, my first trip to another European country was to London. I was amazed at how stressful it was going to a different country and not knowing how everything worked. I look back on that experience now and realize that it was a good idea to start with London. Being an English speaking nation, it was relatively easy to adjust to the new environment.

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Deepening Knowledge of History and Culture

Visiting new places provides an excellent opportunity to read how people live and have lived in those locations. We gain a much greater appreciation for history and culture when we study them in the context of location.

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