You must read these moving tips before your move!

Moving, you will encounter it in your life! For example, after graduating from school, mobilizing jobs, increasing the family population and even increasing income, improving living conditions, providing children with housing close to the school, etc.! But a good or bad move can directly or indirectly affect the harmonious relationship of the family! So many professional moving companies were born. People became more and more dependent.

If you want to change your home, you need to contact a moving company. Delta Moving Systems Company will help you to take all your belongings to the new home with care. Below are some tips on how you can change your home.

Start preparing to move:

Items to be moved should be organized into categories to make them easier to locate and decorate in your new home. If your new home is in a housing estate, you should ensure it is in excellent condition to the extent you are most satisfied with before accepting the transfer. Before you move out of the old house and before moving into a new house

You should check the contract that you can install more equipment and appliances in the house. Fill it up with moving or removing those devices; although it seems cumbersome, it’s comfortable because we can control the whole process by ourselves, from packing the stuff in the box to putting the stuff out in the new house.

Set a date for moving house:

Just set a date, don’t think it’s unimportant. Because the more you have the exact date and time for moving house. It will tell you how much time you have to prepare to move house. It will allow you to allocate time to prepare for the next steps, including evaluating how much you can handle the move on your own. Do I need help from someone else?

Contact the agency to notify the change of address:

It’s another critical step. Start by making a list of the departments you need to notify to change your address. To cancel the service to the old house, such as the cancellation of various utilities, water supply, electricity, telephone, cable TV, financial institutions that use both credit card services—or investing in various securities companies to notify the change of address to deliver critical financial documents to the new address.

Legally, if you want to notice moving from the old house to the new house registration, this can be done at the district office within 15 days of moving out of the house.

Contact a technician to make an appointment or workers to move things:

Contact to make appointments with technicians or workers to move items that cannot be moved by yourself. Photographs can be taken to allow workers to plan their move. And provide details of the items that need to be moved to the technicians or workers.

Check which furniture to move:

To avoid confusion during transport, we should check every item to solve the problem at the root cause. Take notes or take a picture; it will help to keep things from being lost during the move. Should start packing in boxes about ten days before moving because if there is nothing left. Will have time to prepare for procurement in time.

Prepare the box and enough packing materials to use:

The selected storage box should be drilled to allow a hand insertion to lift the box for convenience. Items that can break easily, such as plate-bowls, tiles, glassware, be prepared with cushioning plastic or a flexible foam to reduce impact when handling. As for furniture, cover the corners with anti-chipping foam the corners.

Doors or devices that will be scratched from friction should be covered with protective plastic. And then wrapped in another layer of cloth Prepare corrugated paper to cover the walkway to prevent scratching the floor while moving. Crush the newspaper and press it into the gaps of the box so that the contents don’t roll around and clash when transported. Also, having the carts ready will help you save the effort in moving.

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