William Huyler – What to Actually Do With Your Photos

I was reading an article by the famous photographer William Huyler last year, about the importance of actually using photos which you have taken. I have been an amateur photographer for a number of years now and what is odd is the fact that when I sell shots to people, they use them for things; if however I take shots for myself, they very rarely go anywhere but into a big pile. I have endeavored to change this in recent months and I have come up with a number of ways to use those photos for something better than just sitting in a drawer, gathering dust and waiting for someone to seek out the memory.

Blowing Up

Many people will put images on their walls but far too often these are small images which we add to a frame. If however you have taken a photo which you are really proud of then the best thing that you can do is to blow it up and turn it into a piece of art. There is no reason that a great photo should go to waste by sitting in a tiny frame on a desk, blow it up and fill that wall.

Creating Cards

When the winter weather comes I love to get out early in the morning and take photos of the frosty grass and the snowy hills. Something which I had never considered until last year however was the fact that I should use these images and turn them into family Christmas cards. We send hundreds of the things each and every year which is why I loved the fact that we would be sending all of these people images which were taken by my own hand. This has been a really fun thing to do and I will definitely be doing the same thing next year.

Sell Them

If you believe that you have taken a truly great photograph then there are many options which you can find where you can sell those images. Now selling them individually may not be the best move here, but there are many online ways of getting some money for those images. For example there are stock image websites where people have to pay a subscription to use the images. If your image is used digitally then you earn royalties off the back of it. This is a great way to make a little extra money for the great images which you have been taking.

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Instead of just creating an album whereby you simply add photos, why not try to create albums with words and meanings next to them, an album which actually carries with it some information about where you were when you took the photo, what you were doing and who you were with. A single photo is great but if you can back it up with extra information then you really can create a beautiful album.

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