Spending the day under the scorching heat from an aircon service in Singapore can drain even the most energetic person.

We here at SoCool offer a comprehensive list of aircon services that will help you cool off without having to spend several hours on your feet, or for those who would prefer to sit back and relax while we do all the work, we have no objections to that either! From duct servicing to installation and replacements, SoCool have got everything covered.

Aircon services by SoCool Pte Ltd in Singapore For those who are new to our site, a brief overview of what exactly we do may be useful as a starting point before you jump into making any decisions about hiring us.

To begin with, there are several factors you need to take into consideration before you hire any professional for an aircon service. When choosing the right company, it is important that you ensure that their technicians are certified by the relevant authorities.

Besides being qualified, some other key factors to consider will include price, location and of course personal preference. This article will discuss these points in more detail so you can choose the best option.

While some have no qualms about getting people they know to give them general advice on what type of service they should get done, others may feel uncomfortable with this route as there is a risk that friends or family members could recommend a service provider who isn’t competent enough for the work required.

As convenient as it might be to have someone you can trust to give you the right advice, it may be even better to know that you are receiving professional quality service at a fair price.

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Aircon services by SoCool Pte Ltd in Singapore to ensure this, we provide a thorough list of checkups and assessments for both your cooling system as well as your entire ducted air conditioning system. These include:

  • A comprehensive test on all components
  • An inspection for any damage or corrosion on any metal parts
  • An assessment on whether there is sufficient insulation installed around the cabinet
  • Determination of proper cooling capacity

What’s more, our technicians will also advise you about ways to reduce your energy expenditure with suggestions such as buying new filters or old ones. At SoCool, we offer a wide range of air conditioning services in Singapore, including the installation and replacement of parts. Our reliable technicians can also provide duct cleaning, anti-mite treatment and duct servicing for your convenience.

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aircon repairs Singapore We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to find a service provider who is able to live up to your expectations, but here at SoCool we guarantee our work, so you can rest assured knowing that once we finish up with an aircon service in Singapore , everything will be back to normal.

In addition, our all-inclusive rates are upfront, without any hidden fees or charges. That means no bothersome surprises during the bill payment process!

Our team understands that not has the same work ethic or lifestyle as another person. Hence, we can provide flexibility as well as convenience by offering a wide range of aircon services in Singapore that cater to the individual needs and requirements of each client.

We also know that everyone’s schedule is different, and there are times where it may be difficult for you to spare some time out of your day to come down and meet up with us. For this reason, we offer mobile aircon repairs  in certain areas around Singapore so we can reach clients who live in remote areas without having them travel too far before they get their problem sorted out!

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