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Why We Don’t Travel

Not Willing To Use Vacation Time The average American worker is entitled to 16 days of paid vacation annually. However, only 25% of those workers take all of their vacation. A whopping 15% of Americans report they take no vacation. This isn’t a problem in Norway. Although it is a major problem in the United States, the first rule in Norway is to remember that vacation is a form of compensation. You are paid with money, time off, and other perks of your job.

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When you don’t use all of your time off, you are telling your boss you don’t need all of your salary and that you will work for free. Although you may feel important and indispensable in your job, it is important to remember that graveyards are filled with people who were indispensable. You need to use your vacation time and your company’s benefits when you have them.

Don’t Have Enough Vacation

Time Regardless of how much vacation time you receive, there is no such thing as no time for vacation. It is tempting to think that unless we take a month off, we won’t be able to travel. This is false. Traveling need not be to a distant country. It could be trying something new where you already live. When I lived in Montana, there was a water park at the end of road. We never visited the park until a few weeks before we moved from Montana to Norway.

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The park was amazing. It was then that I realized how we are all surrounded by many interesting places to visit; we may not discover this fact until it is too late. I vowed to never again live in a city and not try everything the city offered. You don’t even need vacation time to take advantage of this form of traveling.

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