Why Menu Covers Are Important for Your Hotel or Restaurant?

Menu covers are a highly important aspect of any hotel or restaurant’s image and should therefore be chosen with careful consideration as to what you want to communicate to your customers. Being at the forefront of your brand, your menu cover should represent your businesses passion for service and communicate its priorities. Here are the top reasons they’re so important!

  • The menu cover is the first real branded item that a customer will pay attention to. Upon being seated, all of their focus is drawn to the menu and therefore the menu cover. The cleanliness, the design, the colors, and the style will all work together to represent the image of the hotel, coffee shop or restaurant. Therefore you need to decide what you want this image to be! Are you a laid back, casual business that prioritises fun and quick grub? Or are you a high end, elegant establishment that offers supreme service and an array of upmarket flavors?
  • If a customer sits down and is handed a dirty or torn menu cover, this is an immediate turn-off for them. A lack of care put into the appearance of the menu signifies a lack of care put into the entire business. Being handed an uncared-for menu indicates a lack of maintenance around the rest of the business, whether this is uncleanliness out front or in the kitchen, a lack of effort or care put into the food, or a lack of care put into the customer service. One of the most important rules of any business that resides in hospitality is to show the customer how thrilled you are to be serving them. A poor quality menu is the first sign that you just don’t care whereas a premium quality cover gives a sense of pride.
  • With changing seasons come changing menus. Whether this is a summer versus winter time change or a weekly special you like to swap out, sometimes menus need to be replaced and need to be replaced often. Having a decent, brand specific menu cover will ensure that your menu stays a familiar piece of your business despite all of these menu swaps. That way customers will be able to easily recognise your brand and will be enveloped with a sense of familiarity when they come into your hotel or restaurant. On top of that, they’ll also get a nice surprise when they open it up and find a change of dishes.

Brand image aside, menu covers also make your life way easier. They protect your menus from getting damaged or dirty so theres less overall upkeep. This means instead of having to swap them out for new ones everyday, you can just wipe down the cover and be done with it!

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