Where to Find the Best Food in Knoxville

One of the coolest things about Tennessee is the food scene. Most people see cool restaurants and fun party scenes in Nashville, but there are places in Tennessee to find a great bite to eat. For example, Knoxville is jammed packed with all kinds of great eateries. 

Jackie’s Dream 

Jackie’s Dream should be the first spot on your list if you are in Knoxville and craving some classic southern barbeque. From Candied yams to collard greens, whatever southern food is on your pallet, Jackie’s Dream will most definitely know how to make it. But, What makes Jackie’s Dream special is the story that the restaurant has. 

Owner Jackie Griffin started the company after working with her family in the food industry for years. She had an extreme passion for food and wanted to branch out and start her restaurant. She turned that Dream into reality with Jackie’s Dream. 

Sweet P’s Barbeque 

Sweet P’s is another place to check out when it comes to classic southern-style BBQ. They offer everything that you could ever want from a southern barbeque joint, but the thing that separates Sweet P’s from the rest is that it is also a well-known dive bar. 

As for most of the cool dive bars that you will find, it isn’t easy to get a good meal. But, at Sweet P’s, that is most definitely not the case. The scene is that of a classic dive bar, but the food is pure southern sweetness. 

Tern Club 

Switching from southern to tropical, the Tern Club is the coolest tiki bar in all of Knoxville. Imagine a hoppin’ nightclub crossed with a beach resort.

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The Tern is famously known for one drink called the “Zombie.” It didn’t earn its ghoulish name for just any reason, though; it’s because when people get ahold of this addictive cocktail, they practically turn into zombies themselves! The club has even had to put a one-drink limit on the Zombie because, reportedly, people would drink too many and leave the club with little to no memory of their night. 


Our final destination in this survey of Knoxville eateries brings us to a laid-back Asian restaurant. Going from the classic Tennessee-style meal of southern barbeque to a fun night out and finishing with a chill place to recover is the perfect timeline for Knoxville locals and visitors. You can explore every one of these eating options in a matter of days! 

The perfect place to end your eating experience in Knoxville is Kaizen. Knoxville isn’t particularly known for its Asian food options, but you definitely won’t be disappointed with Kaizen’s food options. They have very forward-thinking, plant-based recipes. There is also a very relaxed environment to wrap up your Knoxville food experience with this forward-thinking menu.

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There are so many fun places to eat in Knoxville, but you have to explore the city. What is listed above is a great map of where to eat on a visit. 

It starts in one place and ends in another, but to completely understand the restaurant scene in Knoxville; you have to submerge yourself in the city. If Knoxville is a place that you can see yourself in the future, there is plenty for great Knoxville real estate up for grabs, so act now!

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