Where is St. Johns?

St. Johns is the smallest of the three virgin islands and lies in the waters dreamt of by all vacationers: the Caribean. With two-thirds of the island covered by nature preserves, it has retained its natural magnificence while offering travelers many beautiful, white sandy beaches. It’s no wonder tourists flock here, but the timing on this island is everything.

Though temperature doesn’t fluctuate much throughout the year, the average lowest temp stays around 74 degrees, and the highest is around 90, certain months can rain on your parade. So, the question is, what is the best time to visit St. John villa? The answer isn’t the same for everyone.

Vacation Plans and Weather 

Each year, as April ends, the residents of St. Johns can’t help but look to the sky with a bit of trepidation. The beginning of June means a radical change in weather, sometimes bringing violence on a scale most of us will never see. Hurricane season arrives.

Hurricanes are created by three major factors: warm water, moisture, and wind that spirals inward near the surface of the water. The Virgin Islands are all ripe territory and have seen their share of this fierce weather. The season lasts through November, peaking from mid-August until October.

On The Sunny Side

St. Johns truly is beautiful, and it’s in the 8th percentile for the most pleasant weather in the world. Hurricane season aside, the island is packed with sightseeing tours, night kayaking, snorkel sails, national parks, and plenty of bars and restaurants. Not to mention beaches like

trunk bay that is so picturesque they make you feel like you’re looking at a painting.

Tourist season begins in December and runs through March. The weather is warm, and you won’t see much rain during your visit. But tourist season brings with it a few unpleasantries, like price hikes (some hotels raise their rates up to $130).


July through November will always have great-priced package deals for those that want to vacation on a budget, but be prepared. Hurricane season is unpredictable and these months have plenty of rain. Take a look at the St. Johns County Government page for any alerts.

If you want the full island experience while avoiding overcrowded lines and price hikes, the best time to visit is between April and June. You’ll enjoy 80’s and 70-degree weather with very little rain. There’s nothing like having something so perfect all to yourself.

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