What Strategy Should be adopted to crack the SBI CBO Exam in First Attempt?

Jobs in the banking sector are something most competitive exam aspirants try for. SBI CBO exam is an online written exam with objective and descriptive papers and interviews too. When there is a time crunch to prepare for the exam, one has to boost one’s preparations by following the right strategies. Read on to know the strategies that can be followed to crack the SBI CBO exam in the first attempt.

Strategies to crack SBI CBO in the first attempt:

1. Check the exam pattern and weightage for every section:

Knowing this will give a complete idea to candidates regarding which topics to focus on. Even when the complete course is covered, it is crucial to focus on the topics with higher weightage, to score well. Besides this, when the exam date approaches, revising the important topics would be easier instead of covering everything.

2. Have the updated syllabus:

Aspirants need to be familiar with the SBI CBO syllabus to know what they need to cover in the available time. Accordingly, they can prepare a timetable to leave no topic untouched. This will increase the chances of attempting maximum questions, as they would never feel that they are unaware of a certain type of question.

iii. Revise thoroughly:

Once the concepts are clear, one needs to revise the topics thoroughly, by referring to books as well as online study materials. Thus, one can solve a wide variety of questions, which increases the chances of better performance in the main exam.

1. Appearing for regular mock tests:

Mock tests are best for improving scores through practicing questions in a pattern that is similar to the exam. Based on the score in these exams, one can easily identify the topics which need to be focused on and work on them to score better.

2. Avoid sticking to just one question:

It is a good idea to attempt the easy questions first so that the number of attempted questions is more. Sometimes, students feel that a question can be solved and keep trying it, even if they are unable to reach an answer. This simply wastes time. The competition is tough, and hence, the aim should be to avoid wasting time on a single question.

3. Clarifying doubts:

While preparing any topic, students might come across questions that are difficult to solve quickly. In such cases, or even when they don’t have clarity on the concept, it is advisable to immediately consult the teacher or other sources for help. Piling up the doubts to be clarified at the end is never recommended.

vii. Avoiding stress:

Stress can significantly affect the performance of the exam. It will have a negative effect on the efforts put in preparing for the final test. So one must remain calm and stress-free, to attempt the questions without any hassle. Doing some yoga and meditation can be useful in this case. Taking enough rest every day is equally important in reducing stress levels.


Having the right study materials and guidance are crucial parameters for cracking the SBI CBO exam. Besides the coaching centers, there are online websites providing similar support, or even better support, such as BYJU’S Exam Prep website. It has the complete syllabus for the competitive exam, which can be referred by candidates. There are mock tests too for boosting your confidence before the main exam. Referring to such reliable sources can play a significant role in cracking the SBI CBO exam.

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