What Jobs are There in Blockchain?

You keep on listening to how Bitcoin has disrupted the entire stock market industry. With commendable growth, Bitcoin has become the talk of the town, and many are curious to know more about it. People who aren’t aware of it consider blockchain synonymous with Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin is just one application of blockchain technology. Blockchain has much more to offer in this digital world – transparency, digital freedom, immutability, better security, among other important features. You would be surprised to know that the global blockchain technology market size is predicted to be worth $72 billion by 2026.

If you are interested in exploring new technologies, then Blockchain is surely worth your time. As Investopedia describes, Blockchain, in simple terms, is a specific type of database (ledger) where data can be stored securely in groups called blocks. These blocks, when filled with data, are chained to the previous block, forming a chain known as the blockchain. It is important to note that the data, once recorded, cannot be changed. This is the reason blockchain is transparent, secure, and traceable.

Blockchain technology is expected to penetrate into various sectors like banking, supply chain management, cybersecurity, government agencies, and healthcare. Many professionals have started seeking job opportunities in this field as it is a promising career option. This is the reason online courses, like a Blockchain course in Singapore, are gaining traction, and professionals are enrolling in it to gain the right skills and become job-ready.

When you think of a career in Blockchain, then what job roles do come into your mind? Well, many aren’t aware of the job roles available in this field. So, this article introduces you to some of the job roles you can explore in the field of blockchain.

Top Job Roles in Blockchain

Here are the top jobs you will come across when you are ready to start a career in blockchain technology.

Blockchain developer

Similar to a software developer, a blockchain developer is someone who engages with data structures for the advancement and deployment of systems. They design the security and the architecture of the proposed Blockchain system. One of their top skills is using smart contracts, a popular concept in the business since the launch of Ethereum. Blockchain developers also design the blockchain protocols, a network architecture that is used for decentralizing data, and front-end designs according to client requirements.

Blockchain analyst

As a blockchain analyst, a professional is tasked with reviewing the data in distributed ledgers and their usage to check the effectiveness of the blockchain. They identify improvement areas and develop the approach for any change that has to be implemented. They are also responsible for determining when applications should be released and monitoring implementation to ensure that all blockchain-based projects are completed on time. Additionally, they assess the risk factors associated with the blockchain application being developed.

Blockchain architect

Blockchain architects are people who offer innovative solutions to build and support client systems and applications on the blockchain. With rich experience in database architecture, such professionals create storage solutions, distributed ledgers, and database systems. They are in charge of leading a company’s blockchain-based projects and outline the overall roadmap for the team members to follow. Some of the top skills needed for this job are the applicative sense of the data structures, cryptography, blockchain architecture, different Blockchain frameworks, and understanding of Blockchain standards and ecosystems.

Blockchain consultant

Companies that are just beginning to use blockchain need experienced professionals who can research, analyze, develop, and test blockchain technologies for them. This work is the responsibility of a blockchain consultant. As a blockchain consultant, you may be asked to analyze the impact of the technology on a company, develop the future roadmap, business tactics, and conduct workshops. If a company has created a roadmap already, blockchain consultants are then required for the execution part. You may also be asked to develop a business case to help clients understand how blockchain will generate more revenue for them.

Blockchain project manager

Project managers act as the backbone of every kind of project. A blockchain project manager is entitled to the responsibility of finding the right professionals who can develop Blockchain solutions. It is their duty to plan and supervise the execution of the blockchain project. They understand the business requirements and guide the team members to deliver the desired product. It is a senior-level role for which one doesn’t only need to have sound knowledge of blockchain technology, but also requires varied skills like good communication, leadership, problem-solving, managerial skills, and more.

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Wrap Up

As the field progresses, you may see more blockchain-related job roles. There is high demand for skilled blockchain professionals, and many surveys have verified it. For example, a survey by Glassdoor found that the demand for blockchain-related jobs grew by 300 percent in 2019 compared to the previous year. In the US, the maximum number of job opportunities were available in New York, San Francisco, San Jose, and Chicago. Top IT firms like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have started research and development into the blockchain space and hiring talented professionals in large numbers. So, now is the best time to learn more about this technology and take your career ahead.

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