Every Exam has a pattern and understanding it properly is the start of preparation for any bank exam.By understanding the pattern you can establish a strong learning path where more time is given to topics of most importance.  The IBPS SO Examinations are conducted in three phases – preliminary exam, Mains and Interview. You can only progress from one phase to another by scoring the minimum cut off mark.            A candidate must qualify in all the three levels to be selected for the post of a Specialist Officer for one of the eleven public sector banks. IBPS SO exam syllabus varies according to posts when it comes to main exams, but for preliminary it’s all the same.

Since you are clear with the syllabus, let’s now discuss a few tips that will help you clear IBPS SO exams easily.

Start Preparing yourself. Self Study

It’s always better to prepare yourself for IBPS SO exams than seeking help from some coaching centres as they don’t provide much value since there are few who prepare for SO exams and most coaching centres only give importance to other bank exams.. Usually the IBPS SO Exam has a moderate difficulty level so it’s easy to prepare yourself. Also coaching centres are known to typecast learning for exams into a certain pattern so there won’t be a new fresh unique perspective where your learning curve is not taken into account.

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Create A Study Plan That Works For You

Create a proper time table for study that incorporates both study of topics as well as practice and mock tests. Make time to learn each subject in detail from the prelims and Mains exam every day and also do practice sessions.  Always mark the topics you intend to cover each day on your timetable and stick on it without fail. Setting tangible goals and working towards completing them gives a lot of confidence in the learning curve.It is also crucial to slot different topics in the right sequence to be able make sense of them so that there won’t arise any confusion or difficulties.

Take Notes From Authorised Books

If you visit any bookstores these days, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of books that are available in the market for IBPS SO. The markets today are flooded with endless books but the quality of content in each book varies. Books by lesser-known authors and publishing houses are often cheap, but can cost you high during exams as those books come with wrong data that can make you lose exams. It is, therefore, always advisable to purchase authorized exam preparation books.

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Seek Help Of Online Learning Platforms

Online E-learning platforms like Entri provide many courses by experts that will help you prepare for IBPS SO exams. Tutors there will provide assistance when you have doubts or problems. You are also provided 100’s of mock tests that will help you solidify what you have learned and also will help you in understanding your speed and accuracy.

Practice Old Question Papers

After completing learning all topics it’s always advisable to go and do a lot of previous year question papers as it will give you a lot of information on structure and pattern of question paper. You can also get an idea on what topics are most important.

If You Don’t Understand Skip

Yes there are times when you can’t remember the equation or method of solving despite the best of your preparation, you don’t have to answer all the questions, so leave it if you find you can’t remember the method to solve instead of waiting for something to  appear out of nowhere. Be mindful of the time at hand and skip the questions that seem too daunting, unfamiliar,tricky or that you don’t remember. You can revisit these questions if you have time to spare after having answered all other questions you are sure about.

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