The Xbox One S is the best value for money console you can buy right now, and it’s only getting better with time like casinoclic casino games. It has all of the power of the original Xbox One but in a smaller package that doesn’t cost as much. If you want a powerful gaming machine at a great price then this is definitely the one for you. Here are the top five reasons why you should be buying an Xbox One S instead of a PS4 Pro.

Better Graphics

The Xbox One S uses less power than the PS4 Pro which means it will run cooler and therefore have better graphics. This also means that your real money online blackjack games will look better on the Xbox One S than they do on the PS4 Pro.

More Storage Space

The Xbox One S comes with 1TB of storage space while the PS4 Pro comes with 500GB of storage space. That means that if you buy the Xbox One S you will have more room to store your games and other content. You won’t need to worry about running out of space because there is plenty of room for everything.

Better Games

If you like playing video games then you know how important good quality games are. When you play a game on the PS4 Pro you are going to notice some serious differences compared to when you play the same game on the Xbox One S. For example, the PS4 Pro has a higher resolution screen which makes the games look sharper and clearer. Also, the PS4 Pro runs at 60 frames per second (FPS) whereas the Xbox One S runs at 30 FPS. So, if you like playing games then you should definitely go for the Xbox One S.

Better Controller

The controller that comes with the Xbox One S is far superior to the controllers that come with the PS4 Pro. The Xbox One S controller has haptic feedback which gives you a sense of realism when you are controlling your character. Also, the buttons on the controller are larger so you don’t have to press them hard to make them work.


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