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The organization of business tourism events

In some ways, now, we come to the heart of this book, for in this chapter we focus on the practical side of business tourism. This section endeavours to offer the reader some guidelines concerning the successful organization of business tourism events. This chapter uses the experiences of the authors as well as that of specialists in this field such as Seekings and Rogers.

The chapter offers advice which is common to all types of business tourism events. It also looks at the key issues which are specific to different kinds of business tourism events. It is hoped that the chapter will help you tackle the challenges which are to be set in Chapter 13.

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Finally, in introduction, this chapter does not claim to be comprehensive; it is simply a set of general guidelines. Readers should consult the specialist references contained in the Bibliography if they wish to explore this matter in greater detail. Generic event management tasks and skills In this section we will consider those tasks and skills which are required for the organization of all successful business tourism events.

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Objectives Sometimes it is all too easy to slide into organizing an event with no clear idea of why it is necessary or what we want to achieve. It follows that we need to have clear objectives. These objectives could include:

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encouraging networking between people with common interests launching a new product to a particular audience increasing the level of knowledge of a specific issue among a group of people making a certain amount of money by organizing an exhibition.

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