Imagine going on road trips with your family on a warm sunny morning with the top down and breeze through your hair. What could make such a perfect setting unpleasant? One of the reasons is a punctured tyre or damaged tyre tracks. It is always better to have spares, to immediately replace them during a malfunction. Many companies who sell tyres online offer great discounts on good quality tyres and provide good customer service.

The biggest question that arises in the minds of individuals who have just bought their first car is, “When should the tyres be changed?”. This article provides a comprehensive summary of points to help understand the basics of checking car tyres for problems before they get completely worn out or destroyed.

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Tyre checklist 101:

  • Depth of tyre: Buying tyres online can come at a reasonable price, but it is essential to check some standard parameters before using them. The depth of the tyre is one such parameter. It allows the user to understand the amount of grip the tyre must have to prevent the car from skidding off the road.

The depth of a tyre can be easily analysed using a coin test. This can be done by inserting a penny in the grooves on the tyre, and if the coin is not visible, i.e. if it sits well within the depth of the grooves, then the tyre has a good grip. If a large portion of the emblem on the coin is visible, then the tyre needs replacement.

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  • Tyre age: The condition and age of the tyre also allow the vehicle owner to understand what damages the tyre has taken over a period of time and decide when to replace it. Good brands of tyres available online give their customers an adequate warranty period for the tyres they sell, which usually covers all damages.

Check the tyre for bumps, scratches, tears, or punctures. If there are any abnormalities, immediately contact an expert to help with the problem. Under no circumstances should a vehicle with damaged tyres be used since they can cause a road accident, which could be prevented by conducting quality checks.

  • Tyre pressure check: It is always beneficial to own a tyre gauge to check the air pressure in the tyre at any given point in time. To use the gauge, remove the valve’s stem and insert it into the air inlet, applying sufficient pressure to halt the hissing sound. The display (digital or analogue) will indicate the air pressure reading. It is important to note that tyre pressure must be checked only when it is cold. Heat causes the air inside the tyre to expand and directly affects the air pressure.
  • Unusual sounds: If the car starts to make unwanted or unfamiliar sounds while driving, such as a hissing sound or even a loud burst, it is likely that the tyre is punctured.If you use this site you will find a lot of information about coolmoviez

Along with paying attention to driving on the road, the driver must also be completely aware of what is happening in and around the vehicle. If they start hearing strange sounds and feel the car moving in an abnormal path, it could be a punctured tyre. This may require immediate halting of the vehicle to avoid any accidents due to skidding.

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Hopefully, this article will help first-time car owners be relaxed about the maintenance and checks of a tyre. This article is mainly aimed at helping car owners manage the problems on their own until help arrives. No need to worry since there are plenty of resources present along the journey to help a driver in need.

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