The greatest bedtime story teller of all times

Do you dread putting your little one to bed? You do have your bedtime ritual, but it always comes down to tears and sobbing? Is it anything but the peaceful process they show in movies, with kids smiling, tucked in with their favorite toy, wishing you goodnight while their eyes closed slowly? I know the feeling first hand. It was like a horror movie, „another story, mommy”, „a glass of water, mommy”, „i need to go to the bathroom, mommy” and so on, and so on. Until I broke. My patience wore out, my will to make this a loving and understanding experience completely gone and all that remained was an exhausted woman, wondering what she does wrong, while she found herself leaving her child screaming and kicking, not at all asleep, not at all comforted or relaxed. It’s not you. It really isn’t. Kids have a busy life, you know. Although it may not seem much from a grown-up perspective, they learn a lot during all days just by playing, so it is only normal for them not to want to go to sleep as this prevents them from discovering the world through play. It’s like you and the latest Netflix series, it is more powerful than you, you simply need to watch it no matter what and, as you’re an adult, you will do so and bare the consequences. But you choose more wisely for your child, don’t you? This is where a weighted blanket for kids comes to the rescue like a knight in shining armour. An original concept relying on a very simple and so very clever idea – we all like to be hugged and feel secure while being so, don’t we? This blanket simply replicates this feeling all through the night and it is fantastic.

The one I tried is made of 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber. Due to its composition, it ensures a constant body temperature and prevents beads leakage for perfect weight distribution. So that your little one goes to sleep easily and doesn’t wake up during the night.

I myself was a little skeptic. It seemed too good to be true. The concept made sense, but there was a little doubt, as in „if it were that easy, how come nobody though of it before?”. Well, nobody did but thank God some took this leap of faith and tried to translate this presumption into action. It is magical! The weighted blanket for kids with removable cover we have became our new best friend. We take it on trips, we tell others about it proudly, we brag around about its success.

This is not something you can take someone’s word for. This is something you need to try first hand, for yourself. You will be wowed and forever grateful for that one person who thought it may work and decided to go for it. Just buy it and you will thank us later. Me for telling you about the best one available, the person inventing it for being the genius who put an end to all parents’ misery and ordeal.

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