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The Big, The Loud and The Crazy City For Travel

Welcome to the Great Britain! You are finally here, I bet you feel excited or tired, maybe both, but the important part is that the real travelling begins now. Take a moment to sit back and relax in WHSmith, McDonalds or whatever your airport or current position has and give yourself a pat in the back. You‘ve made it. Congratulations. Assuming that you‘ve had a quick breather and are ready to continue, I‘ve got some questions for you.

If you came here by yourself – Feels good to feel the ground again, doesn‘t it? So, you are in Dover, do you feel like staying here for a while, having a look around or do you want to keep going? If you are not in a rush, please skip to Chapter 4 and find Dover in it. In other case, keep on reading. If you came here by bus/train – Cool, so it looks like you ended up in London Victoria Coach/Train Station. Did I guess correctly?

I mean, it wasn‘t that hard, as these are the only stations that are suitable for international travel. For trains, there is a possibility, that you may find yourself in London Paddington Train Station, but don‘t worry, it really isn‘t an issue at all. However, if you are anywhere near the places mentioned above, please get to know where you are, carry on reading, follow similar instructions listed below and we‘ll get things sorted.

If you came here by ship – Oh dear, so you are in one of the ports, right? I suggest you look for the instructions that are listed for those that came here by plane. Then, continue reading. If you came here by plane – Do you have an airport transfer ticket that I‘ve mentioned earlier? Yes? Wicked, go to your terminal and wait for your coach.

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No? Then go to the nearest National Express or Megabus self-service ticket machine, till or office, I‘m pretty sure there‘s one inside the airport. Where to, you may ask? Well, it depends on your current whereabouts, really, so knowing that you have no bus to attend, take some time to read further on. You are about to discover Britain‘s biggest cities.

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Hopefully, this Chapter will give you and idea where can you make your first settlement and where can you start exploring this unique country. So, without further due, let‘s take a look at the giants of the Great Britain.

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