The Best of Honeymoon in Andaman Islands

Every couple has some desire to spend quality time with each other. Most couples want to spend time with each other in a silent place where no one should be there to disturb them. Many places are there in the world which can be considered as the best place for a honeymoon. But travelling to those places can be expensive as well as time-consuming. But some people can’t afford the expenses that they have to face to enjoy their honeymoon. But the honeymoon is the period where couples come to reduce their tension and spend their integrity time with each other.  In this article, we will know which place will be better to spend their lovely and romantic honeymoon which can make their honeymoon special


The most concerning part of the trip is the expense. Hotels staying, flight ticket, transport, expenditure on roaming and buying something that catches their eyes. The memories of their honeymoon that remind them of their special moment. Many options of various Andaman packages are present and many includes honeymoon packages. The package we discuss for couples are recommended for those who are newly married or those couples who are tired of their busy schedule and want to spend their time with each other.

The Andaman honeymoon  starts from 30k and the premium one starts from 40k to the price you want and leisure you want. The normal range of the honeymoon package includes flights tickets, transportation, hotel tickets, and activities which you will do it on the island. The activities will be less than the premium one and have more amount of offers that can exhilarate your time. The normal assortment starts from 3N4D to a long week which is 6N 7D with normal activities like transportation, hotel rooms, food charges etc. If the tourist has taken the premium honeymoon package in Andaman. Then, the package will include hotel rooms with special features, a perfect date night with special photoshoot arrangements, transportation, underwater diving and many more.


It is the regular thing, that when someone pays more, they get more. In this for your special time and moment, the premium package of honeymoon will be much higher than the normal one. Some special features in the packages are mentioned below:

  • Underwater diving
  • Unique photoshoot
  • Special date night
  • Inter-island tour
  • Snorkelling

The total days will be seven days and six nights. Each day there will be some sort of the activities like sightseeing to the special historical place, some island.

According to the customization of the tourist, the places they want to visit can be put in the row first.

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Many people have a dream to see the world underwater, which can fascinate the tourist and it can be beautiful in its way.  Sea diving can be adventurous in its way, exploring things in the way, that a couple wants. Usually, sea diving is preferred to an adventurous single person but this can be for those couples who want to make their honeymoon special.


Nowadays, even when someone eats food, they stylishly click pictures. So the couples while spending the special moment of their life. A couple of photoshoots can be classy and the theme can be chosen by the couples. The theme can be romantic, funny, water-related and many more. These photos can customize according to you.

  • Special date night:

The word “ date “ in a relationships means to know each other in a very special and romantic moment. Usually, a date can be in the café or movie hall but a romantic date can be said romantic if it occurs at tthe seaside or the place where the environment is silent, the light is tinkling in their way.  Special arrangement of date night is added on the pack of the premium package of honeymoon package which is in the Andaman package. Everything of the date night will be arranged the food, lights place where the couples will send their special time, all will be ready by time and according to the day you want.


Andaman is the island where a very small island is also present.  Visiting the place can help the tourist to pass their honeymoon on a sweet note. There are 2 ways to reach the inter-island that is road and water transport. These islands are located at a very small distance from each other.

  • Snorkelling in the Andaman:

There are many islands in the Andaman.  On that island, there is an activity called snorkelling. Many islands are there in which these activities are present. Those Islands are   Havelock Island, Northbay island, Jolly buoy, Neil island and Red skin island.  It is one type of sea diving. This activity can be prearranged very easily if you are on to the right and perfect vendor. The price usually depends on the transportation fees, rides and many more.


 At the end of this article, everyone has their own choice of celebrating their new phase of life. Honeymoon of the couple means celebrating their own time without having fear of their work loaded life. The package which is described can be customized according to convenience. For couples who love a silent environment, Andaman can be a great choice for their time.  . It can be called a perfect environment for newly married couples or the married couples who want to take some time from their hectic life schedule. Another factor that stops anyone from visiting this amazing place is the expenses. If you are travelling to a place that is famous for its view, for it’s a historical place, the expenses can be a little higher. The price of this can be a little higher for a middle-class person, but it will be worth every penny.  The expenses can be controlled if it did in a customized way. The unwanted things can be avoided if a couple doesn’t want that. So it depends on the choice of the tourist, how they will handle the expenses and celebrate their honeymoon period. is the best entertainment website in the word One can know everything that is very important for our daily life

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