The 3 Exclusive Lounges You Need to Know

Airlines have made it easier for premium passengers to spend their time at the airport. Now they do not need to sleep on the chair at the airport gate. You are now free from standing in a queue to charge your cell phones. Airlines have designed elegant lounges for travelers containing new amenities and personal services too. However, the excess may vary from one airline to the other. There are different varieties for different travelers. You can go to book a certain class of travel; you can either pay the fee or use the mileage points. You just need to visit your desired airline or call its reservation department for details.

Many people overlook this phase of traveling and then find themselves in panic and stress later on. We have mentioned a few of the exclusive lounges you can opt for. So, let’s have a look below and read it till the end.

1- Qatar Airways Lounges

Qatar Airways lounge services are for all those travelers that have economy-class tickets. Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge is one of the world’s most high-standard airport lounge experiences. The moment you enter the airport; you will be greeted by the stunning portrayal of Arabian heritage. It has an amazing resort-like ambiance, tantalizing à la carte and buffet dining, and unparalleled hospitality. There are different lounges for the traveler with different rates such as Mourjan Business Lounge, First Cass Lounge, Business Class Lounge, and Premium Arrivals Lounge (Access to both Airside and Landside). Children will get a 50% discount on adult rates. You can enjoy this amazing service at discount with Qatar Airways promotions.

2- Etihad Residence Lounge

Etihad Residence Lounge is one of the first-class lounges. Even though, there are two Residence lounges so that travelers traveling in the Residence don’t have to share anything; they are accessible via a private elevator and entry and are situated one story above the main lounge. Once inside, visitors get access to a private airport pied-à-Terre that includes Poltrona Frau Leather sofas and armchairs arranged around a flat screen installed on the wall. A mini-bar with fruit, coffee, and tea is situated next to the dining table, which is set up for four people. The head chef will likely come to introduce himself, go over the selections, and create a customized menu for each guest before providing full meal service from the main lounge kitchen.

3- Turkish Airlines Lounge, Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

Lounge Istanbul Departure is one of the most famous and comes under the top ten private lounges in the world. You can even try the regional dishes from Turkey or other cuisines from around the world. You can play video games or can drive on a realistic racetrack too. There is also a children’s play area, library, movie theatre, and prayer room. These all activities will help them to pass their time moreover; you will also not miss your prayers. You can also take shower and get relaxed.

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