So, who was Francis II of France, and what did he do?

In this episode, we take a deeper look at Francis II of France, the first spouse of Mary Queen of Scots. In addition to the British monarchy, anyone with royalty interest will also be familiar with the French monarchy (beyond Marrie Antoinette and Louis XVI, of course).

So, who was Francis II of France, and what did he do?

Marie’s maternal relatives, the Guise family, used Francis as a pawn to gain power and crush their opponents, the Huguenots, who had organized to kidnap the king in France. Having stopped this conspiracy, the Guise’s have grown in strength. Francis’ mother was concerned about this.

Francis II of France Died in What Manner?

Francis II’s health deteriorated in November 1560 after he passed out without warning and experienced convulsions.

He died on December 5th of 1560, from complications from an ear infection. However, some historians say it was meningitis or a severe abscess. When it comes to the hotel industry, the same questions come up about cooking with local ingredients… To assure a certain level of durability and ecological conscience in their restaurants, more and more chefs, are considering these questions. For “non-food” products, it’s worth asking about their origin and what values they represent.

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