Shangri La Casino Georgia Is Open After Quarantine

In September 2021, after several months of quarantine, the Shangri La complex of Tbilisi began to work again. This is a great place for your favorite games, gourmet dinners and relaxed evenings.

Shangri La Tbilisi started its work in 2012 and has three Golden Brand awards in its “Best Casino” category. The unit has a unique appearance, which harmonizes with the Bridge of Peace style – a modern space attraction located nearby. The casino’s panoramic windows overlook the Bridge of Peace and the picturesque Mtkvari River embanked. Inside, the rooms are decorated with discreet luxury so that guests feel as comfortable as possible while playing and relaxing. There are several VIP rooms at the casino for those who wish to stay overnight or book a gaming tour for several days.

A Round-the-clock Stud Poker Club Has Opened in Shangri La Tbilisi

Good news for stud poker fans! Shangri La casino chain now has a poker club in Tbilisi. In this case, several variations of the game are available: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo.

Generous jackpot prizes and draws is the Shangri La network’s tradition

Every week Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La Tbilisi holds jackpots for regular guests who prefer to play slots. Also, the games are connected to the accumulative jackpot system, which allows you to count on big prizes.

The Tbilisi complex is a part of the Shangri La casino network – these are 4 elegant complexes with popular games, exquisite design and a friendly atmosphere. The units’ work is carried out in accordance with the strict rules, improved over 25 years. Storm International manages the units to give visitors even more freedom and comfort.

Lotteries with generous prizes are a pleasant tradition in Shangri La, Darren Keane, managing director noted, it is one of the best casino complexes in the country. On the lottery day, a real celebration for guests is organized with live music, a buffet table, an original event and the final bonus lottery. Everyone can become a participant. And a player who is present at the event has a chance to become richer by a generous sum!

The Shangri La network has already established a good reputation in Eastern Europe. Traditionally, the units operate in a VIP niche, are in their own buildings or in five-star hotels, have an exclusive design, are served in several languages and pay winnings on the spot with many guests.

Once a week, lotteries are held from the special bonus fund. Once a month, larger lotteries are held. And during special parties, the lucky ones get a chance to become richer by an impressive amount or to leave the casino in a brand new car or motorcycle.

Almost all Shangri La are popular with foreign guests, come here from countries where there is no casino. Often tourists order a junket in order to enjoy a pleasant vacation with a gambling component for several days.

Why you should go to Shangri La Tbilisi?

Shangri La Tbilisi is one of the largest casinos in Georgia. Shangri La can be reached within half an hour from the international airport.

The large complex offers a good rest and all kinds of popular games. The unit has a large slot room with the latest games. The casino also presents all the popular games on the tables: poker, blackjack and roulette.

Poker is one of the core areas. Here you can play several popular varieties and participate in tournaments that are held several times a week. Big poker tournaments are planned in Tbilisi in the near future with an impressive prize pool.

There is a restaurant of Georgian and European cuisine at Shangri La. Gourmet author’s dishes are prepared here, which are highly appreciated by connoisseurs of delicious food.

About the Storm International company

Storm International manages Shangri La Tbilisi and three other chain casino in Minsk, Yerevan and Riga. opened. The international company was founded in Moscow in 1992 and offered a previously inaccessible VIP level of service. Today, all network units have brand stylish design with company symbols, guarantee confidentiality and security, treat each guest with friendliness and create all conditions for a perfect holiday.

Darren Keane said, Storm International is constantly working to improve the conditions for staff and visitors, guarantees fair play and adheres to the Responsible Gaming strategy. Impressive prizes are drawn in each unit: cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and much more.

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