Save Your Files: 5 Ways to Troubleshoot File Disasters

Have you ever experienced working hard on a document only for it to crash before you can even save it? Have you experienced getting a file from someone, only to realize that the file is corrupted? For sure, file disasters are a headache! We cannot afford a single mistake and inconvenience, especially today when everything is fast-paced. Instead of doing the file over again, you can actually do some troubleshooting and seek the services of some software programs and digital tools. Just make sure to choose only the most reliable sites and programs you can find to avoid more problems! With this, here are some file and system disasters and what you can do about them!

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1.  Use reliable digital tools

You or some other person converted your file to keep it protected and maintain its integrity. But you just cannot control some annoying circumstances. Just your luck, your PDF file got corrupted? If converting the original file format is no longer possible, you can still repair PDF files with reliable digital tools! Repairing PDF files comes the most in handy when you just downloaded a PDF file you have been searching the Internet for hours, only to find that the file is corrupted. Visit a reliable PDF tool, like to process and repair your PDF. With just easy steps, you can now fix and view your PDF.

2.  Do a check disk on your hard drive

Another way to fix or retrieve your corrupted files is to perform hard drive check disks. Reliable tools that you will use to do these kinds of check-ups allow you to run diagnostics on your hard drive. Doing this will also help you recover bad sectors. These bad sectors are the things you should be mindful of. They are the ones that might cause your file corruption. Once the check disks repair these bad sectors in your hard drive, go and check your file again if it is still corrupted.

If your problem is a system slowing down, this can also be your solution. Computers can really slow down especially if hard drives are becoming wasted with time and have many files inside. Running diagnostic tools or doing some cleaning on your hard drive can be a good fix if you think it does not have any virus. These basic maintenance efforts can refresh your computer.

If you will use a Graphical User Interface, you can go to Start > My Computer. From here, you will just right-click the said drive to do a check disk. After this, click Properties > Tools > Check with error checking. Click the Start button.

3.  Run the CHKDSK command

If running the check disk tool does not work, you can also try out the CHKDSK command. This command is almost just the same as the check disk tool—only, it is a command. It may just be the same but it is worth a try.

To use the CHKDSK command, click Start > Run. Once the command prompt has opened, go to the search bar and type cmd. Hit Ok. Right-click on the cmd.exe once you see the search results. Choose Run as Administrator and type “chkdsk”. Hit Enter.

4.  Try out the SFC / scannow command

You can also try using the SFC / scannow command. The scannow command searches and repairs the corrupted system files in your Windows.

If you are using Windows 7, go click the Start button, and type cmd on the search bar. Right-click and choose Run as Administrator. If the User Account Control or the UAC prompt appears and the blinking cursor shows up, type “SFC / scannow. Hit Enter.

For Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 users, just hit the Win + X combination and choose Command Prompt (Admin). You might also see a listing, Windows PowerShell (Admin). Once the User Account Control (UAC) prompt appears, choose Yes. The same with Windows 7; type SFC / scannow once you see the blinking cursor. Hit Enter.

5. Put your hard drive in an external case

Hard drives are bound to say goodbye one day. The only question is when. Our computers do not last forever, which is why doing a backup is important. You can still retrieve your files, though, if your hard drive died on you and you have not backed up your files. The solution is to install it in an external enclosure.

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Always backup your files

Now that you know some troubleshooting tips to retrieve your files, you can try them out to “unlock” hidden treasures which are your corrupted files. Since we mentioned backing up files, we cannot stress enough how important this is. To avoid the inconvenience brought by file corruption, make it a habit to back up and archive your files. Choose reliable online platforms to efficiently and regularly archive your files such, as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. You can visit this site pagalmovies to get more information about how to download the latest movie for free.

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