Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Leading Agencies Ensure Safety

People’s Concerns around Travel

It is only human nature that people want to travel and explore and enjoy their lives to the fullest. As with many other aspects of our life, the pandemic has dealt a severe blow to our wanderlust.

Even now, as things are slowly and gradually reverting back to normal, there are still many concerns regarding travel. As for US travelers, the continued COVID-19 spikes in the country mean many foreign countries have closed their borders to visitors from the US.

However, prospective travelers are also shaky about traveling to destinations open to visit, especially when traveling abroad. The biggest concern seems to be around the safety protocols observed at places one is planning to visit. Also, as children under 12 cannot be vaccinated yet, many are skeptical about planning a family vacation. Families living with older folks are less worried about themselves than about bringing the disease home and infecting their elder relatives.

Given the frequent changes in rules, around traveling to different destinations, many are apprehensive about planning and booking their trips. This is because they risk losing money if they cancel their bookings due to new rules and restrictions.

Safe Travels

It goes without saying that the tourism industry is facing a tough challenge to get travelers back to their desired destinations. The pandemic has been a learning curve for the tourism industry. They had to explore and experiment with different choices, to plan safe and risk-free travels for their prospective customers.

For example, many leading global travel agencies such as BCD Travel, Expedia Group, Booking Holdings, Royal Holiday Vacation Club, and others work closely with their partners. To ensure that they put the safest and most comprehensive health protocols for their respective clients in place

Royal Holiday Vacation Club

For example, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club is determined to put the minds of its members in peace. Royal Holiday has for some time already partnered with Cristal International and Ecolab. To provide the highest standards of safety and cleanliness at all their partner hotels and resorts.

The Safe Guest program designed for all Royal holiday vacation destinations complies with the POSICHECK covid-19 certification protocols outlined by Cristal International Standards. The POSI CHECK certification is built around hotels and resorts, namely room check, food check, pool check, and aqua check. Royal Holiday staff at all its different locations have received special training to observe all these different safety and health regulations properly.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s Safe Guest Program is explained through 7 different steps. To find everything related to this, please refer to their website.

Royal Holiday Membership

All Royal Holiday Membership holders enjoy many benefits, including deals on airline fares, local car rentals, cruise and sightseeing tours, etc. This is because these days, hotels and rental cars are way more popular with travelers. Members can also use their Royal Holiday credits for alternative lodging options such as boutique hotels or luxury homestays. These options have again become popular during the pandemic because of their less crowded nature.

In addition, members these days also enjoy insurance coverage, flexible presale bookings, and free or low-cost cancellation.

The New Normal

The ‘new normal’ today is defined by a range of protocols put in place by The World Travel and Tourism Council. These protocols apply to a wide range of providers, the new travel experience will also be shaped by reduced queuing and touchpoints at airports, contactless check-ins at resorts and hotels, screening tools such as infrared and thermal scanners, contact tracing apps, virtual tours of exhibitions, and more.

All these developments are sure to revive the tourism industry today. As they should help big time in driving away people’s fears and concerns. People have had to stay at home for an abnormally long time already. As such, the desire and demand for travel is strong.

As long as a company or agency can assure prospective travelers that they would be safe in taking a tour. People can feel relaxed and can safely plan their dream vacations.

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