Robert Testagrossa – Watchouts For New Crypto Investors

This last year has seen more people get involved with crypto investment than ever before, and many of those people will have made some very solid returns on their outlay. Given the fact that crypto is a relatively new market however, and given the fact that many aren’t really too aware of what they are doing, many are looking to offer support to these investors. Experts in crypto like Robert Testagrossa have been very keen to offer some support to those new investors, to help them make the most out of their investments.

If you fall into this category, here are some watchouts which you ought to be aware of.


Before you invest any of your money you need to be well aware of the sheer level of volatility which exists within this market. It is not uncommon to watch your portfolio drop by 20% in a single day, and then rise by 25% just a day or two later. To those who are not on a great financial footing this can be a very troubling thing indeed. And so prior to investing, be sure that you have the patience o handle the volatility.

Wallet Security

There are a number of very scary factors when it comes to crypto and how you hold it. The first is that hacks can happen so always be sure that you have a secure account. The second is to always ensure you have your username and login for your wallet written down on paper as well as stored on your computer. You should also have your recovery key noted down. If you lose access to your wallet, you may never be able to get back in. And finally if you are seeing crypto from one address to another, it is imperative that you get every single digit correct before you send. If you send crypto to the wrong address, there is nothing that you can do to get it back.

Trash Coins

One of the best ways for low level investors to make large gains is to invest in what are known as alt-coins. These are coins with small market caps which represent a variety of projects which are being launched. These often see huge price hikes in the early days and if you can get on one then you could certainly make some solid profit. Unfortunately however what we see are trash coins, that are associated with no real projects. Many will pump these by tweeting about them and generating interest. Unfortunately however, once many people have invested and that price goes up, those who orchestrated the pump sell for big profits and then leave everyone else with a loss as the price plummets. The best advice here is to ensure that you know everything about the coin which you are investing in, before you invest a single penny of your money.

This is a great opportunity but you must ensure that you are careful with your investments.

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