Road-Tripping Rules; Preparing for the Highway Ahead

When road-tripping across the U.S., there are so many national landmarks to check off your bucket list, roadside attractions to stop at, and destinations along the way.

Aside from the excitement of traveling and arriving at your desired destination and the stress of planning for your road trip, there are a few other ways to prepare for your road trip that might make your travels a little smoother.

What To Pack

Assuming you’ve already stuffed your suitcase shut, it’s time to consider what you’ll need as you drive

Similar to a carry-on bag at an airport, some travelers choose to pack a weekender bag or a smaller bag with the essentials for their convenience and keep it within reach. Some items that might make your trip a little more comfortable

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Napkins
  • Undergarments
  • Car charger
  • Neck pillow

How To Prepare

Besides having the essentials on hand in your vehicle, the best way to prepare for your long road trip is preparing for worst case scenarios. Some of these worst case situations include inclement weather, mechanical issues, or an emergency.

Inclement Weather

Ensure to check the forecast and road conditions before traveling. You can learn about current road conditions by dialing 511 on your phone.

Mechanical Issues

One of the most frightening things to encounter on a road trip is mechanical issues and the possibility of being stranded in a foreign place with no help. It’s natural to start panicking and fearing for your safety. Ensure you have a spare tire, a jack, and all other necessary tools.

Prepare for the worst by having a kit ready in case of an emergency. This kit can include a blanket, a flashlight, batteries, and other essentials to keep you safe and warm while help is on the way.

Another important rule to follow us fill up your tank up before leaving and know how many miles to the tank your vehicle gets. Also, never allow your gas gauge to creep below one quarter tank.

Replace your windshield wipers to ensure visibility on your trip.

Interstate Rest Stops

Regardless of what your destination is or how many miles you need to drive to get there, it’s important to be aware and have everything you need to make your road trip as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Rest stops are available all across the country to unwind, relax, and ensure everything is working properly. For your next interstate rest stop, choose one that fits your needs. All rest stops are different, so choose wisely.

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