Requirements Of Sports In Women Empowerment

After years of oppression, women’s empowerment has been a serious concern. Discrimination against women was shared during their last centuries, which forced women to endure violence regardless of their age. Women were deprived of their educational rights and were restricted from casting a vote. Women were only seen as incubators for carrying children, a cook, and a cleaner. Even after centuries and in this era of technology, according to 먹튀검증, women still have to endure abuse and face daily inequality, victimization, discrimination, objectification, and oppression. It’s high time for every individual to believe in the famous slogan, “Women’s rights are human rights.”

A few fearless women have sworn to make a change and fight patriarchy; they have been the brightness for oppressed women in this unfair world. Great fighters like them have been able to change the history and social norms for women to stop promoting male dominance. Those fighters gave women the strength and courage to use their wings and be brave enough to decide for their lives and be confident enough to rely on themselves. Women should have the liberty to have leadership in every field and aspect without the gender gap and the wage gap. After years of social burden, liberal neglect, and being deprived of their moral rights, women moved ahead of their life breaking free from the grips of man dominance and the societal limits.

Women give confidence and strength to other women to help them fight the war of injustice. Feminists, gender and ethnicity, play a massive role in empowering women, regardless of their race, gender and ethnicity. Women are raising their voices to protest against discrimination and abuse. Women of this era now have involvement in every field; In politics, administration, education, sports, and economic fields, women have created a name for themselves. Although such improvements are just the beginning of women’s empowerment, it’s far-flung to remove further injustice to women such as wage gap and gender gap, nevertheless of women putting more significant effort than the men in the same task.

Despite several controversies, women started to get involved in sports at the end of the previous century. Many fierce women stuck to participating in sports which later became the catalyst to give a lift to the girls of this generation. Rugby, tennis, basketball, soccer, badminton, track and field are some sportswomen have mastered throughout the years. After all of that, female athletes tend to face discrimination and inequality in sports. They are paid a lot lower than the male athlete in that individual sport. Their matches are not hyped on the media as of the opposing gender ones; their matches are not broadcasted live on television as often as the male’s, which leads to a more petite frame and popularity of the female athlete among the fans. In the case of payment and popularity, male dominance is still very significant in sports, which is easily noticed by the world.

To top them all, women fought with discouragement and showed the world what they were capable of. In the London Olympics of 2012, women took part in every sport, which made the game the first-ever Olympics to involve women in every game.

Women will fight further to be as significant as men in every field and to destroy the concept of inequality. As a part of society, everyone should help elevate women and young girls as we have to help the women of our generation in believing in themselves.

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