Ready for a New Smile? Where to Get the Best Care

Many factors lead to dental problems. While some may be caused by poor care over the years, other factors may be completely out of your control. Regardless of your dental problems or how they happened, the 4M Dental implant center is a go-to source for premium dental care.

Cleaning and Extractions

4M Dental Implant Centers offers all of your dental needs, including cleaning and extractions. Preventative care is critical to overall dental care, so they will work with you to preserve your natural teeth when possible. It is important to the staff that you are fully equipped with the knowledge you need to understand what procedures or treatments they recommend and why. They are more than happy to answer all of your questions, and you will get the same quality of care regardless of which office you go to. They have offices in Long Beach, Newport Beach, and Las Vegas, among other areas.

They use the latest in technology and advances in dental care to identify problems well in advance and offer the best options in treatment. They ensure early detection of problems that provide you with more options and minimally invasive procedures, so you don’t have to be out of work or in pain for long periods of time. This also ensures that you have to spend as little time as possible in the office with fewer visits and shorter procedure times.

Veneers and Invisalign

If you have healthy teeth but do not like the way they look, Dr. Sean Mohtashami is one of the dentists that can help you decide the best route for the perfect smile. For example, veneers can give you a brand new smile without completely removing your natural teeth. This can be used to correct the look of stained, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth. There are several options for veneers that Dr. Sean will review with you to make sure you are happy with your choice. more info for visit tamilmv

Invisalign is an ideal option for adults who may have needed braces when they were younger but didn’t get them. Invisalign can gently realign teeth with a retainer system that is not as visibly obvious as traditional braces. Having crooked teeth may prevent adults from wanting to smile or liking their smile because they are focused on what their teeth look like. Having crooked teeth can be very damaging to a person’s confidence. Invisalign can correct that and give you the confidence you need to smile proudly.

Dental Implants

If you need a tooth extracted, the dentists at the 4M Institute can offer a single implant to replace the missing tooth, so there is visually no difference in your smile. Plus, if you have multiple problems and dentures have been suggested, they can also work with you to get a full set of dental implants. Dental implants are different than dentures for several reasons. First, implants are permanent and are not removed each night. Second, they will not slip or fall out, and you don’t have to worry about not eating certain foods because it is too hard with dentures. You can brush them like normal teeth. You will not lose bone density in your jaw like you can with dentures.

Implants can also provide the confidence you may need. Even though full extraction is often related to unpreventable factors, the stigma of dentures is that they’re needed because people don’t take care of their teeth. Although you can hide the fact you have dentures, it can be embarrassing for many to have lost teeth. Dentures do slip, sometimes making it obvious you have them. These are concerns you won’t have with implants because they won’t move or slip as dentures can.

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