Problems of studying business travel and tourism

For those wishing to study this dynamic sector of tourism, there are two real problems. First, there is the lack of literature and reliable up-to-date statistics. Often what data there is has been collected on different bases in different countries, which makes comparison very difficult.

Second, there is the problem of terminology. There are national and cultural differences in the terms used within the business tourism industry. We hope that you will find our Glossary of Terms contained in Part Six of this book, useful giveme5


We have seen that business travel and tourism is a complex sector of the modern tourism industry. It is clearly distinct from leisure tourism yet in a number of ways there are links between them.

We have noted that because business tourism is a high-spending activity it is an attractive prospect for destinations. However, as we will see later in the book, it is also an activity which is difficult to manage and can bring costs as well as benefits.

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