Pay a Visit to Some of the World’s Best Casinos

In some extravagant, opulent casinos, the gambling experience is elevated to new heights. The following casinos can give you a starting point if you’re looking for a travel destination where you can experience something unique and gamble in style.

Parx Casino in Pennsylvania

Conveniently situated 20 minutes north of the city center of Philadelphia, Parx Casino is one of the largest and most impressive gaming and entertainment facilities in Pennsylvania. It features 3,330 slot machines, 180 live table games and has a premier poker room. Delicious fine dining and more affordable food options are available and a 24-hour sports bar features a massive HD video wall that can display 36 games at a time. Pennsylvania online gambling at Parx Casino has also become extremely popular.

Bellagio in Las Vegas

After you visit Pennsylvania, you may want to pay a visit to Las Vegas, where the Bellagio casino was built at a cost of $88 million. Bellagio was featured in the movies Ocean’s 11 and 12 and it is best known for its poker rooms, where the table limits are sky-high. The casino also regularly hosts World Poker events. Bellagio has 2000 slot machines and some of the jackpots payout as much as $2 million. The opulent resort doesn’t just offer gaming, but has a lake, world-famous dancing fountains, and some exclusive fashion stores.

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Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

To enter this fabled casino, you will have to don some elegant attire in keeping with its charm and class. It retains the royal chic of the old palace from which it was built. This casino recently celebrated its 150th birthday and offers a great variety of games, including roulette, blackjack, and poker. This casino has beautifully outfitted private rooms where celebrities and high rollers can get their gambling thrills. Of course, visiting the city of Monaco itself is a thrill for any traveler who knows that travel heals.

Casino Baden-Baden in Germany

In the past, wealthy Europeans flocked to the spa town of Baden-Baden, located in the heart of the Black Forest. Today, it is the casino inspired by the Palace of Versailles which attracts diverse visitors to the city. Baden-Baden Casino’s red and gold poker facilities and its plethora of blackjack and roulette rooms with extravagant finishes persuade many gamblers that it’s one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.

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