Obsession spells

This article is about obsession spells but don’t be scared. These spells don’t hurt or turn people into monsters like they show in thriller and horror movies. Obsession means obsessive love, a condition in which one person thinks about another person all the time.

You may have heard your well-wisher or friend suggest going for an obsession spell. You can reach out to Spellcaster Maxim to get the best suggestions and his wide range of magical practices

Surprisingly, many people want this kind of love. They want to have someone who worships them and caters to their every whim. Selfishness is not the only reason why people want to be with someone who’s obsessed with them. Another reason is unhealthy jealousy. Jealous people don’t need a reason to be jealous. Exchanging a few phrases or glances drives them crazy making them extremely unhappy. So people use these spells to not have to question their significant other’s fidelity.

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However, you should know that these rituals are quite difficult to perform at home. It’s going to take you so much time and energy that it’s easier to order this spell from a professional magic practitioner. When it comes to obsession spells, it’s always better to work with someone who has experience in casting such spells as this will save you a lot of time, money and trouble, while giving you exactly what you want – your crush will be obsessed with you.​

Obsession love spells

Obsession love spells which have been cast properly can’t be undone. If you fall out of love with the one you put an obsession love spell on and break up with this person, it will take them a lot of time to recover and the whole experience will be extremely painful to them. No matter what you do, your ex-partner will still be attracted to you and think about you all the time, because your obsession spell has made you the reason this person lives and it won’t change even after you break up.

Almost half the people who’re healing and recovering after a breakup and trying to get back together with who they think is the love of their life are victims of obsession spells. Of course, not all of them were put a spell on intentionally. Don’t forget that some people have extremely powerful mental energy allowing them to influence reality with their mind, so when they really want something, it happens. This is another way how people end up being obsessed with their partner.

However, the percentage of such people isn’t high as only about one in 50-70 thousand people is able to influence others with the power of their mind, so you’re hardly one of them. For this reason the rest of the people have to work with professional spellcasters and buy spells, including the obsession love spell. If you want to cast this spell, you should start preparing for it as soon as possible because the whole process takes at least six weeks.

You should start with cleansing yourself and reaching peace in all its forms, unless you do yoga, meditate or practice some occult techniques. By peace we mean emotional, physical, spiritual and mental peace, as well as wishing peace. Wishing peace means you should lower your expectations and don’t think about failure. You should feel and act as if your wish has already come true and you’re about to get what you want, so you should be confident your spell is going to be successful.

To reach emotional peace needed to cast an obsession spell successfully, you should learn to control your emotions. Don’t let anger, jealousy or pity enter your chakras sucking the energy out of them. Physical peace means good health and healthy body organs and systems. Good health is maintained with healthy food, good sleep, and moderate exercise. There is an old saying that the body is perfected by the spirit and it’s true.

Mental peace implies one’s ability not to think about anything. A person is considered to have mental peace when they’re able not to think about anything for at least twenty minutes. Mental peace requires absolute silence and even such thoughts as “Wow, I haven’t had a single thought for such a long time now!” aren’t allowed. Mental silence doesn’t make you a fool. On the contrary, it transforms the brain enabling it to generate brilliant ideas. Magic is not only about putting your energy and esoteric talents to use. It’s a mix of consciousness, mind, logic, knowledge, controlled emotions, and trained subtle bodies. It takes years to reach this state, while we offer you a training program which lasts from 3 weeks up to 2 months which is not too bad for an opportunity to cast a powerful obsession spell successfully.​

We’ve written a few articles about the most popular spell-casting preparation methods, so today we’ll just outline the steps to take. If you find this information insufficient, you’re welcome to read other articles about it. Just please don’t believe those who say preparation is unnecessary for spell-casting. Casting a spell without making appropriate preparations is like trying to extinguish a fire using a fire truck with no water in the tanks or with broken hoses. The water tanks are the energy you’ve accumulated. The hoses are your energy channels. You need to work really hard to make them operational because the quality of your obsession spell depends on their condition.

Do obsession spells work?

Each chakra is responsible for a specific attachment. When you cast obsession spells that work, you should free the person of all existing attachments and link the channels to yourself. After that you’ll need to give some of your energy to this person on a regular basis. This is why you need to cleanse your energies and chakras like we said at the beginning of this article. Otherwise, you’ll have no energy to give to your partner and this person won’t be able to get attached to you. You won’t be able to make this person obsessed with you and most likely you’ll only hurt this person.

Cutting a person off from an energy supply is the same as cutting off oxygen supply or not letting a person eat and drink. Everyone needs something to substitute for what’s been lost. The best substitution is your love. If you perform your ritual but have nothing to give to your loved one, the ritual will inflict a lot of harm and the victim will feel under the weather for a few days. Eventually the victim will recover completely, but this is when problems will start happening to you. By cutting off a person’s energy supply and failing to offer a substitution, you put a health curse on this person. It’s considered a serious karmic crime and it’s subject to a very severe punishment.

For example, an energy loss can affect your appearance and attractiveness, your ability to work and be productive, your sex drive, or you can lose access to money energy. This will be used as a compensation to the person you harmed. Besides, if this person lacks some energy for some reason, it will be replenished at your expense as well. The question is if your love is strong enough for you to cast an effective obsession spell.

Speaking of chakras, you should remember that they’re in charge of different things.

1st chakra – nature connectedness, safety, ability to affiliate with other life.

2nd chakra – sexuality, self-esteem, self-perfection, personal growth.

3rd chakra – confidence, efficiency, willpower.

4th chakra – communication, ability to like and be liked by others.

5th chakra – planning, social skills, ability to stand up for yourself.

6th chakra – thoughts, dreams, plans.

7th chakra – cosmos connectedness, genius, uniqueness.

While preparing yourself for a spell to make someone obsessed with you, you improve each of your chakras making them almost perfect. As a result, they work flawlessly. Once connected to your energy, the person feels on top of the world for they’ve never experienced such pure energies before. These energies attract this person through all seven channels. As a result, this person falls in love with you so fast their love can be obsessive. This is how authentic obsession spells work which we’ll tell you about later.​

This spell is cast on the last day of a waning moon. To perform this ritual, you need one white and one gray magic candle, magic scissors, about 500 ml of pure lake water (preferably from a lake located in the woods), and a picture of your crush. At ten minutes to twelve light the gray candle and drip some wax on the corners of the picture saying:

“This is your past. Look how boring it is. Look how uneventful it is. Please understand that by giving it up you don’t lose anything. So when I tear you off of your past, don’t fight it, don’t be scared and don’t be sad. I’ll make you happy. I’ll give you my love. With me you’ll have the best future you can possibly have.”

When the wax cools down, put the candle back and take the scissors. Start cutting off small pieces of the picture, saying,

“The past’s gone! The past’s gone! The past’s gone!”

Cut off all the gray wax, but be careful with the person’s body, clothes and hair. If you cut it off too, your most powerful obsession spell will turn into a curse. To prevent it from happening, use a full-length picture with plenty of empty space in the corners.

While still saying “The past’s gone”, put all the pieces into a metal roaster (they can be found at esoteric stores) and set it on fire with the gray candle. Be careful and make sure the fire burns down all of the pieces. Otherwise, the ritual won’t be as powerful. Then put out the candle, take it out, and throw it as far as you can. Wash the roaster with the lake water making sure it’s free of the ashes. Don’t bring it in and leave it outside until the next morning.

When you come home, wash your hands and face. Take the picture you used in your obsession spell and put it on the pillow next to you. Take your clothes off and go to bed. Don’t get up until the morning, even if you really need to. When you lay down, touch the picture with your left hand and say,

“It’s going to hurt today, but the pain will go away soon. It’ll be replaced with love and happiness. Don’t worry and just wait.”

Repeat thrice, turn the light off, and try to fall asleep. Try to remember the dreams if you have any that night. Most likely they’ll be prophetic telling you want to do and showing you your future.

A spell to make someone obsessed with you

However, spells to make people give up their habits, passions and goals can be put not on all people. To cast a spell to make someone obsessed with you, you need to have very high energy levels, while the subject’s energy needs to be healthy. This is like what happens to patients who need a surgery. For a surgery to go well, the patient’s condition should be stable. Otherwise, the surgeon won’t perform any surgery on this patient at all.

We don’t think you know human energies well enough to see if they’re healthy or not when you look at the person. Not all magic practitioners have this gift. Luckily, there are magical professionals who can examine your subtle bodies by looking at you or at your picture. The rest should use fortune-telling to find out if the person is ready for the spell which is going to be put on them.

If your loved one’s energies are weak, he or she can end up feeling completely at a loss, both emotionally and psychologically. This person will stop wanting anything, give up their goals, and no longer show any interest in the things they were passionate about before. This person will be empty on the inside. Even if you manage to make this person fall in love with you, you won’t enjoy being with this person. You’ll be bored. Your desire for love is understandable, but are you sure you can be in love with someone you have nothing in common with, someone you have nothing to talk about with, someone who doesn’t want to leave the house ever. Can you love someone who’s no longer interested in their job or business or whatever their driving force was before their chakras and subtle bodies were damaged by your spell.

Before performing the first part of this obsession spell, make sure your loved one is heathy and their energies are fully prepared for magical influence. Remember that the risk group includes:

  • Overweight people;
  • Divorced people;
  • People who have had a painful breakup;
  • People who have been cheated on;
  • People who have been cursed or put a love spell on;
  • Sick people;
  • People abusing alcohol;
  • People suffering from depression or insomnia;
  • People who have had a nervous breakdown;
  • People with hypertension or hypotension.

Let a professional spellcaster cast this spell on these people to influence them. This is possible because professional magic practitioners purify and strengthen the energies of the people involved in the spell before performing their ritual. It minimizes the chances of side-effects making the spell safe and harmless.

When you perform the first part of the spell to make someone obsessed with you, contact the target and find out how he or she is feeling. The target may complain about a headache, weakness, sleepiness, and fatigue. This person may also feel depressed, considering it to be one of the health effects of a geomagnetic storm or weather changes. Some people think it’s just a cold or flu. Anyways, the fact that the subject’s not feeling well indicates that the spell’s been cast successfully so far and you can get to the second part of this ritual.​

If your loved one is feeling well and has no health complaints, is cheerful and full of energy, it means nothing’s happened so your spell’s failed. Discontinue it and don’t do anything else. Fold the picture you used in your ritual and throw it out. Throw out the white candle which you haven’t used as well.

The most powerful obsession spell

Do obsession spells work? To make them work, continue your ritual the next day. If you’ve chosen the right date for your ritual, this will be the first day of the new moon. When you perform your ritual on this day, you connect your energy to the energy of birth, creation and growth. So your impact will be much stronger – almost as strong as that of a professional magic spell.

The second part of the ritual is performed at 3 p.m. To begin with, prepare your picture. It should be a full-length picture too with plenty of empty space in the corners. You can take a picture right before the ritual if you want to. It’s even better this way, because this picture will show you radiating your new improved energies which you got while preparing for the ritual.

Take a pink candle if you’ve never been married or had a long-term relationship which was almost like a marriage, and a red candle if you’re divorced or have had a serious relationship. If you’re putting this spell on a lover who is no longer passionate about you, a partner who doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with you, or your husband (current or ex), use a red candle too.

Repeat the ritual: drip some wax on the corners of the picture and start saying the spell and at the same time cutting off small pieces of the picture. Burn them down too, take the roaster out, and wash it with the lake water. Just like it was in the first part, use about 500 ml of lake water.

When you cut pieces off of your picture, repeat the following spell:

“I’m giving up everything I had. I’m not running from the past but becoming a new person. I’ve done a lot to change myself. Today will be the day the changes become permanent. I’ve done it for my love to want to share his (her) life with me. I’m offering you something more than love. I’m offering you a new life. Your Life plus My Life equals Happiness. Our happiness will last for many years to come.”

Perform the last part of the spell right after the sunset. Remove everything from the table, put it in the middle of the room, and put a large sheet of paper on it. Put the white candle next to it and light it. Put the woman’s photo (your photo or that of the woman you love) to the left of the sheet and the man’s photo (your photo or that of the man you love) to the right of the sheet. Let us remind you that your photo should be full-length and prepared appropriately. As for the photo of the target of your spell, use the picture you used the day before.

Be creative but honest at this stage of your powerful obsession spell. You’re about to enter into an agreement with the target of your spell by offering this person to connect to your energy to compensate this person for what you’ve taken away from him or her.

Write down seven promises in a column specifying what will make this person fall in love with you and be obsessed with you. Since it’s not easy, we’ll give you some tips. But remember that your promises should correspond to your chakras. Start with the top. The promise for the first chakra should be at the bottom of your column, while the one for your seventh chakra should be at the top of your column. Your promises should be written in between your pictures.

Here’s what you can promise:

For the 1st charka – I promise you a cozy house, good food and appreciation.

For the 2nd chakra – I promise you an amazing sex, novelty and new experiences.

For the 3rd chakra – I promise to respect, value and support you.

For the 4th chakra – I promise to love you (naturally, you should actually love the target of your spell).

For the 5th chakra – I promise good communication and understanding.

For the 6th chakra – I promise you that you’ll never be bored with me, I will challenge you, and help you gain new experience.

For the 7th chakra – I promise you the future no one else can promise you.

Draw a circle around each of the promises using a red felt pen and then draw two lines – one leading to you and the other one leading to the picture of your loves one. The lines should touch the pictures but don’t cross or break. Then drip three drops of wax on each of the promises saying three times: “I promise!”

It’s not just a collage or your plans written on a sheet of paper. It’s the Contract you’ve made with Higher Powers. According to this Contract, you should keep each of your promises, for which Higher Powers will link each of your chakras with the corresponding chakra of your loved one and you’ll become a couple. You’ll never want to break up, unless a powerful breakup ritual is performed. Otherwise, you’ll always feel a strong desire to be together.

These powerful obsession spells are put on seven chakras for a reason. Some chakras work better than others in most people. Some chakras play a more important role in a man’s life, while some chakras are quite insignificant. So it’s unlikely that you and your loved one will be connected through all the seven chakras. As a rule, connection occurs through 2 or 3 chakras, such as:

  • Sex chakra;
  • Chakra of power;
  • Chakra of love;
  • Mental chakra.

Usually it’s more than enough for an obsession spell to work and make your crush obsessed with you and go crazy about you, miss you every second you’re not together, and want to protect and possess you. On the third day contact your loved one again and find out how he or she is feelings. This time your crush should feel well and happy. You should hear it in their voice that everything is great. Your loved one should make an impression of someone to whom something truly wonderful has just happened.

What happened to this person is love. The love you made this person feel. So the target is going to be confused for a few days about what’s going on, so give them some time to figure it out. To help this person understand what’s happening, ask them for dinner and spend as much time with him or her as possible. Eventually your crush will have a crush on you, slowly becoming obsessed with you.

An effective obsession spell

Our readers often ask us if simple obsession spells which are very popular today can be trusted. Our answer is no, they can’t. If you don’t believe us, tell us if you’ve ever seen a short description of a really complex process. Can a surgery be described as “cut, remove, sew”? Even cooking recipes are not simple and require a lot of ingredients and some cooking skills. True magic is an art requiring far more knowledge and skills than cooking. It’s as complex as medicine. While medicine is intended to treat the physical body, magic is intended to treat our energies, which is more difficult because you have to work in an area which is poorly explored. Moreover, you have to work with what the human eye can’t see.

The other days it was proven by a team of Israeli scientists that magic can impact negatively the people it’s used on and the people using it. Besides, those using magic are at a higher risk for its negative side-effects. That’s why we ask you to be careful and don’t try to find quick recipes for immediate love on other websites.

Our goal is to help you benefit from magic and use it in a safe manner. We’ve put a lot of effort to tell you in detail how to cast an effective obsession spell. Now you have a perfect tool to get what you want. However, it’s perfect only when everything you do, you do perfectly, from the preparation stage to the ritual itself.

Just remember that you always have an alternative option. You can hire a professional spellcaster for a safer and usually more effective spell.

Talk to spellcaster Maxim if you want to cast the obsession spells that work fast irrespective of gender and profession. He will study your case and perform powerful rituals. These are also possible online, and today, he has achieved successful enchantments on many.  Visit More: dailyusamail

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