Newly emerging tourism-generating countries

We have already considered the increasing importance of countries which are experiencing a dynamic growth of the outbound market. Two countries which are at a dynamic stage of their development are India and China.

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Many destinations are experiencing a strong increase in visitor numbers from these two countries, and this trend seems set to continue and intensify. Other countries experiencing a strong growth in outbound travel during the last decade are Singapore and Hong Kong, with Thailand and Indonesia beginning to emerge as important growth areas. China is also a country which is expected to show a considerable growth in outbound tourism statistics.

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The growth in Europe continues to emanate from Eastern Europe, with Poland and Hungary also showing strong growth. European and Asian economies, however, are experiencing increasing numbers of Russian visitors. Brazil is expected to show considerable growth in the European market in the near future.

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National differences in tourism markets

Illustrates the relative scale of domestic, inbound and outbound tourism in ten selected countries. The allocation of ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ takes into account the geographical size of the country and its resident population, for example. A deeper investigation of the factors behind these differences shows that:

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  • There are many different factors that account for different scales of domestic, inbound and outbound tourism
  • Even where the scale of the market is relatively similar, the markets themselves can be very different. Let us now illustrate this by considering each country in turn.

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