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Musicians with a lot of likes on Instagram

One thing that has remained constant over time is that musicians with a large number of followers on casino usa real money sites tend to attract even more attention from their fans. The only exception is pop music artists who already have a solid fan base. Below are Musicians with a lot of fans worldwide in 2022.

Despite his financial success, Roccstar remains humble and grateful for his accomplishments.

DJ Khalid 

1,000,000 Likes on Instagram and 628,000 Followers on Twitter: He became the first Arabic-speaking artiste to reach 10 million followers on Twitter when he posted his new single last year. This was followed by several other viral videos which included one on his “Omar” video game, another on a concert performance, and one where he raps along to Drake’s “One Dance” at a Dubai mall.

Ed Sheeran 

995,000 Likes on Instagram: Ed Sheeran remains the most popular musician with a huge following on Instagram. With his photos that include shots of him playing guitar or performing live shows, Sheeran’s Instagram account has amassed almost 3 million likes since it was created in 2012. In addition to this, he also has more than 765,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 544,000 followers on Facebook.

Taylor Swift

 866,000 Likes on Instagram: Taylor Swift’s Instagram account is the third largest among all the musicians we’ve included in our list. Despite not having much interaction with her fans through posts and captions, she still manages to consistently garner thousands of likes for each photo she posts. Like Ed Sheeran, she also maintains her website and YouTube channel.

Justin Bieber 

774,000 Likes on Instagram And Over 580,000 Followers On Twitter: Justin Bieber may be under house arrest right now but that hasn’t stopped him from growing his fanbase. Although some of his recent tweets seem to suggest that he might be going solo soon, he recently announced that he will be releasing an album next year! With millions of loyal followers on both Instagram and Twitter, you can expect lots of exciting content coming from him in the future.


These are the 4 Top Musicians with A Lot Of Fans Worldwide . Who do you think should make it to the top four? Pick from the pool of them all like you are in an aussie online casino and tell us which artist you think should be added in the lists.

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