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MovieVoom was the big name in the Bollywood VODs market a few years back. It was a great service that provided Bollywood quality video streaming without the hindrances of pirating. However, with its exit from the Bollywood scene, the demand for the same has reduced significantly. The major difference that has come in the form of price is the inclusion of much better features like High Definition Audio and English Subtitles with many Indian movie titles. This has made it even more popular among the masses.

MovieVoom had excellent collection of all sorts of bollywood and international animated films. MovieVoom had no synonyms for any word or phrase in the Hindi language. Hence, one would be able to enjoy watching his favorite animated films without having to trouble himself about the pronunciation of words and phrases. MovieVoom had both synonyms and descriptions at the time of its launch.

The domain name used for the launch of MovieVoom was Hapyal-Vada. However, later the domain was leased to some other company. MovieVoom still has the original domain name till date, but the new company is only in business to cater to the needs of movie buffs. They offer a wonderful selection of authentic Indian movie downloads with the quality and variety that has been promised in the beginning.

When it comes to choosing from the large list of available genres, you will surely find something that you can enjoy watching. The best part about using the Hdfriday database is that you can easily access all the popular genres such as action, adventure, science fiction, horror, copilot, action, comedy and romantic films. The database also contains the latest releases of the most successful movies in all the genres. In fact, most of the popular HDFriday download sites offer a combination of Hollywood blockbusters and Indian movie releases, which you cannot get from any other download site.

Another great thing about MovieVoom is that it offers a one-time membership fee that entitles users to lifetime access to movies, unlimited downloads and an entire library of previous downloaded films. With this membership you can also view any kind of film in High Definition quality without paying extra. Although, there are various other download websites that offer similar services, MovieVoom surpasses all of them because of the excellent customer service and other exciting features. Most of the download sites offer free movie downloads. Not so with MovieVoom.

When it comes to downloading movies using the MovieVoom, you can make sure that your movie is free from any kind of virus or spyware. It’s important to state that even if you use the MovieVoom software and decide to download a film, it will be 100% safe and secure. Also, the software is completely safe to use. The servers used by the MovieVoom team are well protected and are safe from attack from viruses, malware or hackers.

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