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Motivators and the individual tourist

Every tourist is different, and so are the factors which motivate them. The main factors which determine individual tourists’ motivations are probably:

Their personality, in other words, are they:

(a) gregarious or a loner?

(b) adventurous or cautious?

(c) confident or timid?

Their lifestyle which provides the context for their purchase decision. The motivations are likely to be different for people who are very concerned with being fashionable, or are preoccupied with their health, or live alone and want to make new friends, or enjoy partying.

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Their past experience as a tourist and particular types of holiday, both positive and negative.

Their past life, for motivations such as most notably nostalgia, are a direct result of people’s life to date. This may include where they took their honeymoon or military battles they have taken part in.

Their perceptions of their own strengths and weaknesses whether these relate to their wealth or their skills. 6 How they wish to be viewed by other people. We must also recognize that motivators change over time for each individual in response to changes in their personal circumstances.

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These circumstances might include:

  • having a child, or meeting a new partner
  • an increase or reduction in income
  • worsening health
  • changing expectations or experiences as a tourist.

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