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If you want to get traffic for your website, you can use guest post sites. But there are certain things you need to know before you start the process. First, you have to make sure the guest post site you have chosen accepts guest posts. You should also check that the links in the post are dofollow. Once you find a site that accepts guest posts, you need to write a pitch for the post.

Write a high-quality article

When you write for guest post sites, the key is to write an article that will provide value to their audience. You need to ensure that your content is relevant to their audience, and you need to ensure that your post is of a length that people will want to read. The longer your post is, the higher the chance it will get high Google rankings. However, if you’re not experienced in writing articles, it may be worth hiring a professional writer to help you.

You should never pay to have your article published on a guest post site, because this is against the terms of the guest posting service. Remember that guest posting is intended to get your content published on a legitimate blog for free. It is against Google’s quality guidelines to buy or sell links, and participating in such schemes can affect your website’s ranking.

Check for dofollow links

Before you submit your article to guest post sites, you must check whether the site allows backlinks. If it does, check whether the links are dofollow. Also, make sure to write a bio that intrigues readers. This will help generate more traffic to your website.

The type of link is a vital KPI for SEO. Dofollow links pass link equity, while nofollow links don’t. Your strategy should strive to secure dofollow links. While the importance of nofollow links is debated, Google has stated that it takes hints from nofollow links.

Write a pitch for a guest post

Writing a pitch for a guest post site is akin to applying for a job. It’s easy to get frustrated when you write a terrible pitch, especially when there are literally dozens of submissions received every week. However, it’s vital to remember a few simple rules that will help you succeed.


First, do your research. Research the niche of the blog that you’re interested in writing for. Research other popular sites and topics that relate to your niche.


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