Leveraging online skills testing to get the best candidates for clients

 The race for the best candidates is an ongoing activity in recruitment. Staffing agencies and their recruiters must make use of all the appropriate tools if they want to perform at their peak. And a skills assessment software system is one of such tools for ensuring candidate proficiency.

Employee skills testing has become very necessary. Hiring was always a challenging job. The fast-paced nature of the job as well as the high competition meant that recruiters had to be good and quick at what they did.

The fact that skilled candidates do not last long in the jobs market is a fact that all recruiters are familiar with. This provides them with the incentive to work quickly and strategically. And using a candidate skills testing software is fundamental to ensuring that only the top talents move ahead in the hiring process.

Finding top talents easily

Online skills testing is one of the best ways to measure a candidate’s abilities. Remote recruitment has become integral to the hiring process these days. Thus, being able to evaluate candidates remotely and online is a tremendous asset. That is why loads of companies decide to outsource their HR department when going abroad to third parties by services like PEO China.

It is easy to choose and send the skills tests. Recruiters no longer have to rely only on resumes and cover letters to make the first shortlist. Sending a skills assessment or two to a group of applicants will help narrow down the best individuals from the lot.

The test results are instantly available, and recruiters can quickly move on to the next stage of the recruitment process. The online skills test results are also easy to share with employers. Doing so can give recruiters a competitive edge over others.

Make use of the different skills tests offered by the software. To check candidate proficiency in accounting, recruiters can turn to accounting skills testing. For those who are filling admin roles, using Microsoft Office skills tests or typing skills tests or literacy and numeracy skills tests are ideal.

Skills tests are not limited to just testing for such roles. Recruiters and employers can also use the skills testing software for GDPR employee training and data protection training testing. Compliance checks are strictly monitored so it is vital to ensure that GDPR and IR35 regulations are not ignored. This software will make it easy to test and train candidates and employees. 

Looking for a good candidate skills assessment software?

There are plenty of software solutions that will help evaluate skills. The key is finding one that is not just loaded with amazing features but also compatible with the recruitment firm’s recruitment database software. The latter is essential because the recruitment CRM is a tool that acts as a central platform that connects recruiters with all other tools and their work daily.

So, what else makes for a suitable skills testing software system? For starters, it must have a good library of tests. Recruiters are continuously placing candidates for a variety of roles. It can be healthcare one day and teaching the next. Or it can be for marketing and driving the other days.

Thus, a good selection of different skills assessments is a must. At the same time, there should be ease of use because not every recruiter will necessarily be tech-savvy. A system that is not convoluted and whose functionality is straightforward will attract busy recruiters.

Take advantage of product demos. Most software vendors offer free demos to potential customers. These give an idea of what utilising an employee skills testing software will be like and how to use the features offered in the system.

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