Karim Benzema announces the end of his career with France

Karim Benzema announces the end of his career with the French football team after France loses against Argentina 4-2 in the FIFA World Cup penalty shootout.

The French football team witnessed a 4-2 defeat against Argentina in the final lap of the FIFA World Cup. Deschamps saw Mbappe win the Golden Boot, but that was not enough. The ultimate objective was to defend the trophy after winning it in the previous edition.

Karim Benzema has said on Twitter that his tenure with the team is coming to an end, and France is now experiencing another bow with him. His 97 appearances and 37 goals are incredible. After the team brought home the title from the FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia, he was keen to join the team businesstodaysnews.

The opportunity was denied when he acquired a left thigh injury, forcing Deschamps and his teammates to go without him. There were rumors that he would return for the last match, but these proved to be false. The winning configuration and team spirit remained unbroken until the final whistle of the match.

Benzema wrote on Twitter that it was his efforts and mistakes that got him where he is today. He added, while expressing pride that he had written his story, which now comes to an end.

Due to his involvement in a blackmail issue involving a sex tape, Karim Benzema was banned from the French team prior to his injury. His former teammate Valbuena was also involved. This resulted in a one-year suspension, a prison sentence, and a 75,000 Euro fine. Deschamps never called for his replacement, fueling speculation that Benzema may rejoin at any time.

According to reports, Karim Benzema was training without an injury. Inquisitive members of the media inquired about his participation in future matches. A subtle gesture from Deschamps hinted that the French football fans and their opponent, Argentina, were in for a surprise.

That never happened. Mbappe, along with Giroud and Griezmann, continued to lead the attack. Moreover, the attacking depth was enough to take France to the final match. Mbappe and Giroud left their mark in the race for the Golden Boot with 8 and 4 goals, respectively famousmagazinenow.

Mbappe had five goals before the final match. It was his skill in landing a hat trick that brought him back to the top ahead of Messi, who scored a double. The French striker scored an opener for his side in the 80th minute. It happened in an instant, within 100 seconds to be exact, and was quickly followed by a second goal.

France, Brazil, and Argentina were among the top teams on the list of favorites. While Brazil exited the tournament early after losing 4-2 on penalties to Croatia in the quarterfinals, all eyes turned to France and Argentina. Morocco advanced as a surprise package, but it could stand strong against the world-class attack of France.

Karim Benzema is now leaving France, capping a controversial career that saw his nation go to the FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Round knowcarupdate.

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