Jon Urbana : The Hype of A Meat-Processor

Who doesn’t look for an incredible steak? The stubble of a steak that struck the barbeque might whet appetite from Argentina to Spain, from Australia to Morocco, Japan and the United States. A marbled steak, prepared and beautifully grilled, is challenging to beat.

However, not all beef is the same. Whatever. Supermarkets today generate most steaks from manufacturing milk animals that are intensively tasty beef cuts. Jon Urbana, KOW Animals Company’s organizer, recognizes that the most incredible steaks are grass-fed and unstressed milk bovines. This is why he is a renowned cook, with an unparalleled Wagyu beef.

US Beef Wagyu: How did it begin?

Wagyu beef, known for its wide range of fatty marble products and its exceptionally thin, almost satiny muscle surround, is the most sought after beef in the world. Wagyu steers have entirely different characteristics and are unique in Japan from European cow-breeds that generate most beef today. Wagyu is smaller and more stocky than their friends in Europe or Australia and offers such distinctive and excellent meat that in 1997 the Japanese government deemed it irreplaceable and banished its ticket to several nations. Fortunately, a few Japanese Wagyu leaders had migrated out of Japan before the fare boycott and established some small inventory of products worldwide, but not almost the scale of the Japanese stock. You may also refer to “Kobe meat,” a reference to Wagyu beef, raised in Kobe in Japan, where after its original fare, the nation has endeavoured to rebuild its Wagyu inventory as a brand.

The Jon Urbana’s role into meat-cutting 

In southern Iowa, Jon Urbana is a sixth-age ranger who supervises and maintains a Wagyu multitude that probably makes the planet’s most coveted beef. During his 1970% import of the main Wagyu stock from Japan into the USA from the Boeing 747, Jon’s astonishing granddog stood out as truly newsworthy in the American cow’s sector. The best Wagyu beef created the image of KOW Steaks in the Western Hemisphere from that point on. A number of the world’s foremost culinary leaders are steady clients in, who were rewarded by winning gourmet experts and famous cafeterias.

Brand Jon Urbana KOW

KOW picture of Jon Urbana Wagyu beef is so appreciated by highly qualified culinary professionals that the overall purchaser cannot quickly reach his supply. Fortunately, in top bars like New York City’s Bistrot Leo, you can have the ideal type of KOW wagyu beef. Sticks, filet, hatchet steak or e tenderloin tartare. Perhaps the feature and celebration of Jon Urbana’s Wagyu meat are not more suitable than that at Nobu 57, a landmark café in Midtown Manhattan, New York. Nobu treats KOW striploin with a devotion that is worldwide. A few arrangements from Nobu, as an illustration of the incomparable nature of meat, emphasize it crudely; introduced as slim paper slices in ponzu sauce with a sprinkle of delicate toasted sesame or a slight singe as nigiri sushi. KOW meats are beaten in Nobu’s tataki manner, sung instantly and carefully prepared not to cover the fantastic, deeply marbled cut with a blown mind.

In any event, you’re still in karma if you’re not fortunate enough to put it in one of these cafés on the globe map. KOW beef is also available on the website for individuals at large. Due to KOW Steaks’s prominence, not all cuts are offered continuously at this site, but alternatives always appeal. 


Whatever you choose, the authority of Jon Urbana to raise and supply the best Wagyu beef on Earth is apparent. In any preparation which cannot be coordinated, KOW’s Wagyu cuts set a standard for beef.

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