Javier Burillo – Things People Don’t Tell You About Mexico City

I first moved down to Mexico City with my good friend Javier Burillo 4 years ago, Javier was opening a restaurant and I wanted to come and support him. I had never planned on being here this long in truth, but I guess life is like that, and I just fell in love with the place. I have noticed that in recent years there are more and more people who are coming to live and visit this city, and that of course is great news for the city’s economy and for the people here. To those who are coming however, there are some things which people often don’t tell you about this city, which I plan to clear up here.

Rainy Days

Make no mistake, this is a city which can quite literally have four seasons of weather in a single day, and there is a lot of precipitation in the city. This mainly occurs between June and October, but then the months from November through January can get pretty cold. This is far from the climate that you will find in the likes of Cabos and Cancun, so make sure that you are prepared regarding the clothes that you bring with you.

Not All Street Food

Whilst it is certainly true that the street food in this city is spectacular, and one of the best ways to eat, remember that it is not all good. Much like restaurants you will find some that prepare nicer food than others, some which are more committed to delivering a better service and there are some which may cause you some illness. Always be sure to follow where the locals eat and avoid empty stands or those which don’t seem to be following the hygiene rules.

Sensory Overload

Unless you are from a big, bustling city, you are likely to experience a real level of sensory overload when you come to this city. The reality is that it is just chaos here, and everywhere you go there will be more chaos and more noise. This is something that isn’t easy to get used to and it will take you the first couple of days to really get your head around how things work. Even something as simple as walking through the streets can be tough, which is why you have to make sure that you take things easy when you first arrive.


This is a city which is at a very high altitude and that is why during your first couple of days you may find yourself a little bit breathless, when you usually wouldn’t. Again this is something which you simply have to anticipate and which will happen to most people. Don’t worry about this when it happens, this is simply down to the switch in oxygen levels in the air from what you are usually used to.

You are gonna absolutely love this place when you arrive, prepare well and have fun.

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