Is Your AC Leaking Water? These Are The Reasons Why from Aircon Servicing Expert

Is water leaking out of an air conditioner (aircon) normal? According to Aircon Servicing Singapore, condensation can cause a small amount of water leakage, and it should not be a problem.

However, you should address water leakage out of the aircon if it is leaking excessively, so much that you have to turn off your aircon or place a water bucket to catch the falling water.

So, what are the common reasons that cause ac is leaking water excessively? These are the reasons why.

Faulty installation

If you are nonexperts, it is best to leave your brand new AC installed by professionals. And when selecting your HVAC professional, pick a certified contractor. It is because an aircon must be installed meticulously. A failure to do so can cause water leakage.

For instance, improper height measurement during installation raises the possibility of water not flowing down into the designated drainage pipe to be removed from your aircon. Some water starts to pool within the unit because not all of them can be moved outside due to faulty installation. Water starts leaking out of your AC after a while.

Cloggy AC filter

So, when was the last time you clean your AC filter? If you already forgot about it, the chance is the dust also already accumulated on your filter. The buildup of dust and dirt on the filter can cause water leakage.

How is that possible?!

The buildup restricts airflow within the unit, leading to ice forming, turning into the water after it melts, and dripping out of your aircon.

Lacking gas(refrigerant) or freon

Refrigerant, also known as AC gas or freon for some people, is essential in the refrigeration cycle. An inadequate level of refrigerant can cause water to leak out of your aircon. It is because refrigerant facilitates the transfer of heat within the system.

Insufficient refrigerant means it cannot transfer heat sufficiently, resulting in ice forming on the surface of evaporator coils. Those ice will also melt after a while, and the falling water will make a mess on your wall or floor.

Clogged drain lines

Is your aircon leaking water excessively? That can be clogged drain lines.

Drain lines help water to move out of your indoor unit into a designated place outside. Like an AC filter, everyday use can cause a buildup of dirt and mould within the drain lines. That should not be a problem if you give your AC regular aircon servicing because your HVAC professional should know how to clean them.

However, if you do not give it regular maintenance, it can become so cloggy, making it impossible for all water from the unit to be drained out properly.

As a result, some of the water within the unit is leaking out of your aircon.

Broken drain pan

The function of a drain pan in an air conditioning system is to collect water before funnelling it out to the drain lines. After prolonged use, the drain pan can break because of rust or crack. As you can guess, a broken drain pan means there will be water dripping out of your aircon.

How to prevent water from leaking out of your AC?

  • If you want to install a brand new AC, pick a certified HVAC contractor to perform aircon installation
  • Clean your AC filter regularly
  • Perform regular professional AC maintenance as instructed by the manufacturer of your AC; usually, it is every three monthVisit this out to know about Pii-email. On the other hand you can also know about Pii-email.

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