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Is Buying a Lab Grown Diamond Worth the Cost?

Natural diamonds are beautiful and expensive, but lab-grown diamonds are a cheaper alternative. The process used to create them is also more environmentally friendly and doesn’t use natural resources, making them a sustainable alternative. You may ask yourself, is buying a lab-grown diamond worth the cost?

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Less expensive than natural diamonds

Lab grown diamonds uk are man-made and are often quoted at prices as much as 30 percent less than natural diamonds. In early 2016, prices were lower for lab-grown diamonds compared to natural diamonds. By mid-2018, they had fallen to as low as 40 percent less than natural diamonds.

Currently, lab-grown diamonds are priced about 40 percent to 50 percent less than mined diamonds. The percentage goes up the larger the stone. For most people, price is not the most important factor. However, diamonds are considered to be the girl’s best friend in the rough.

Lab-grown diamonds are not controlled by the same supply chains as natural diamonds. However, advances in technology and diamond production processes have made it easier to create lab-grown diamonds at lower costs. In addition, diamonds created in a lab are just as hard as natural diamonds. A ten-point scale of hardness, which is used in diamond grading, still applies to lab-grown stones.


Ethical 1 lab grown diamonds are great for those who care about the environment and do not want to support child labor or war in developing countries. They are also far more affordable than natural diamonds, and can be purchased for under $100. However, a buyer should look for an additional certification that proves the ethical status of the diamond.

Diamonds have been a fascination to humans for centuries. Their radiance and sparkle are truly beautiful, but environmental and ethical issues have led many to question the process of mining and selling diamonds. Ethical 1 lab grown diamonds are a much cheaper alternative that does not compromise on their iconic beauty.

Another reason to buy Ethical 1 lab grown diamonds is because the process used to mine diamonds has a tremendous impact on the environment. Often, diamond mining requires the burning of fossil fuels, which causes significant carbon pollution. A recent report by Trucost estimates that lab-grown diamonds produce three times as much greenhouse gases as natural diamonds.


Sparkling lab created diamond are a great alternative to traditional diamonds. They are made of carbon and are formed under very specific conditions below the earth’s surface. Unlike their natural counterparts, lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory. Therefore, their sparkle is guaranteed, and they don’t lose their brilliance over time.

Sparkling lab grown diamonds are made to mimic the look of real diamonds and exhibit the same chemical and physical characteristics. The color, fire, scintillation, and sparkle are all identical. Only specialized equipment can distinguish a lab grown diamond from a natural diamond. In addition, lab grown diamonds always come with a gem certificate.

Lab grown diamonds are increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional diamonds. They are a good choice for engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. While they are just as beautiful as diamonds mined from the earth, they are much more affordable. They can save you hundreds of dollars per carat. They are also environmentally friendly.


While Natural Diamonds are rarer and more expensive, lab grown diamonds are also less expensive than natural ones. The technology involved in the creation of lab grown diamonds has greatly reduced the cost of these diamonds. Although they won’t match the price of natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds still have a resale value.

One of the biggest differences between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds is their origin. There is a finite supply of diamonds in nature, and this is what makes them more valuable. As a result, natural diamonds are more valuable and will hold their value for longer. Because lab grown diamonds are mass produced, their resale value may be lower than natural diamonds.


Aside from being a much cheaper alternative to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are also less energy-intensive. The energy required to grow them is lower than natural diamonds, which is an important factor for those who are concerned about the environment. They also use a lot less water per carat, and therefore have lower carbon emissions.

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