The time has come for you to refurbish your fireplace finally! The fireplace is the center of the space and its cloak can either blend in with the whole style or unfinish your property. We’ve seen a large number of fireplaces and the impact is always stunning when a gorgeous robe is embedded in the space.

We always advise guests to get a feel of the size and design of the room when it comes to selecting the ideal shelf for their area. The good news is that the shelf dimension and selection cannot be determined by accurate science. Here is the bad news: the choices can be daunting. Here are a few best practices that we have learned throughout the years:


This is your first question when you select a new cloak for your room. Both of you make a declaration of pride and can raise your home. A box-joy-coat mantel is easier to build with the best electric fireplace Or a DIY job. A local fireplace sweep or construction expert might be a fantastic resource for figuring out the ideal one.


Shelf Length: This is the most contentious aspect of a rack. Some like the coat to go from wall to wall. Some are bigger than the chamber of combustion. It is a safe way to enlarge the fireplace box 30 cm longer. For example, you should get 56″ long robes if your fireplace box is 42″. We sell mostly 66 “-78” shelves, however, we customize every shelf to meet your single room.

Shelf Face Height: Is there a huge or small room with your fireplace? In a vast house a shelf of six” can stand tall, yet a smaller space can dominate. We recommend a shelf which has a height of 4-5″ if you have a smaller space.

Chimney Depth: Take the volume of traffic near the chimney into account. Will another piece of furniture have a tighter fastening? Does it open to a vast space of 2 stories?  Mantles are typically between 10 and 12″ deep. But we can make it happen if you are searching for something a bit narrower.

Shelf Height: The shelf 4.5′ from the floor is recommended. During the holidays, there is room for stuff. The National Fire Protection Agency and most housing laws say the bottom of the coat ought to be at least 30 cm from the top of the fireplace. The main distance component is decreased to the height of the mantle’s face. You should know the necessary distance to install your local chimney sweep and the installer.


Is it conventional for your space? Maybe you want a straight edge to stick to it. With what color tones do you normally decorate? We then propose you choose cool or warm colored wood tones to add to your property.

The greatest question they ask is how to match the cloak to the flooring or furnishings that exist. Mix it up, we’re saying! You may risk being locked in a “wood room corner” by trying to match the wood. Combine the colors to supplement the wood. For instance, a black walnut mantel can make the tones of the kernel and add all details if you have reclaimed heart pine floors.

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