How to make your house eco-friendly

The Human species have trampled over nature for a long time and only now have we begun to realize how much damage we wrought on this earth. In modern society, people have started to find ways to try and make sure that their carbon footprint can be reduced, and they can take steps to heal the damage done to the environment. Activists are asking for personal and collective action to stop global warming and suggesting steps to take to ensure that we use energy that is produced through green means. Saving and recycling are also being proposed.

So why not employ the same ideas in your house to do your part in ensuring that your lifestyle is as green as possible.


Insulating your house is the best way to ensure that your carbon footprint is reduced. It can also help cut down on your energy bill. Therefore, one investment can net you both financial benefits as well as benefitting the environment. Many contractors practice green roofing in Austin, TX as it is becoming very popular. Your house or office building can be insulated in several different ways. You can install special insulating materials in your lofts and attics as well as in your walls along with your drywalls. This ensures that no heat is lost during winter or allowed through in the summers cutting down on your heating and cooling bill. Another way that people insulate is by installing special windows with double panes with air in between them, which is a natural insulator, this allows for maximum insulation in a building. Having insulated windows mean that they can be closed during the winter to preserve heat inside while they can be opened in the summer to allow air through this is especially effective in areas with air that is cooled by a sea or lake nearby.

Power Saving:

Saving energy is at the heart of any green living regimen and ensuring that their building is using the least amount of energy possible is often requested by home and business owners. This is possible by having solar panels installed on your roofs. These panels can severely reduce the amount of energy you use from the main grid which is often generated from non-green power sources. This reduced consumption can help bring the power bills down. If you can also manage to reduce your use you might be able to sustain your energy requirements solely through solar panels. A good way of reducing your use of electricity is to reduce the number of electric lights you use which can be done by installing a skylight. Consider hiring a professional to decide the perfect place for a skylight. Installing more windows to let in the fresh air can also help bring the cooling bill down during the summers.


Water is a very useful resource that is getting scarce every day and we need to ensure that we save every drop we can. A good way of doing this is to ensure that none of the water pipes are leaking in your house this not only preserves water but also protects your building from damages caused by water. Another way to conserve water is to use the relatively clean water from basins and kitchen sinks to water the plants in the garden. If your building has a pool investing in devices that can properly clean that water and allow it to be used can be a good investment as it cuts down on water bills.

Living green is shifting from a choice to a necessity and to start our journey towards a greener earth, we should begin at home.

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