How To Keep Timesheet Mistakes At Bay With A Clock In And Out App

Let’s face it; manual data entry is a problem for many businesses. One of the most significant stress points for businesses when it comes to data entry is timesheets. Manually filled out timesheets can create an endless number of issues for companies that end up costing time, money, and productivity for both employees and managers alike.

Thanks to the numerous features and integrations built into the program, a clock in and out app can fix or eliminate many common mistakes made on timesheets. Not only that, much of the work is automated, so that manual entry is never necessary, and information can be accessed in real-time, at any time.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the numerous ways a clock in and out app can help reduce timesheet inaccuracies.

Keep Track of Starts and Stops

One of the reasons for errors in timesheet calculations is because employees forget things while filling out their timesheets. With manual data entry, employees enter their time at the end of the week and have to account for every minute they worked over the week. This means they need to know their exact start time and every time they take a break or clock out for lunch or to go home. It can be difficult for even the most organized employees to get it right every time.

In the worst case, it can lead to employees missing breaks, resulting in labor law violations that can be detrimental to the business.

A clock in and out app calculates time and records punches down to the minute so that employees can clock in or out from breaks without worrying about forgetting to record things correctly. The team time tracking app can even send out notifications to employees to remind them to take their breaks, and alerts can be sent when they miss their break or fail to clock in or out correctly.

Prevent Time Theft

Another type of problem that occurs with manual timesheet management is time theft. It can be unintentional, in the case of employees miscalculating their hours and adding extra time they did not work. In other cases, they may intentionally inflate their timesheets or fill them out for fellow employees and falsify hours or claim overtime. This can drastically increase the labor budget for businesses and result in considerable losses in productivity.

Employees may even waste time by doing personal business instead of their assigned jobs, which means even if timesheets are reasonably accurate, time spent on the job clock is not accurately calculated due to the amount of time stolen.

A time and attendance app does all the employees’ calculations and cannot be altered without a manager’s approval. It also calculates overtime just as quickly as regular wages and managers can see who is working what hours if there is an issue with too much overtime. Productivity trackers can show what employees are doing at any given time to make sure they are handling company business.

Avoid Calculation Mistakes

Calculating wages, overtime, and taxes can be challenging for employees to do manually. Because of how wages are paid, this makes calculation mistakes quite common when filling out even the most simple time card.

A clock in and out app does all the calculations for the employees so that the process is error-proof and simplified. This way, employees just work their hours, and the software records hours in real-time down to the minute and applies the appropriate wages to that employee.

Payroll integrations allow wage information to be transferred directly to the payroll department for processing. This makes employee paychecks more accurate and will enable them to be processed much more quickly, leading to fewer issues with payroll and fewer mistakes in employee pay.

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