How to Feel Like a Local in Scandinavian Cities

Scandinavia is a small region in Europe. It consists of some countries strongly bound by their similar history, tradition, and language. Countries that make up Scandinavia are called Scandinavian countries and they are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Faroe Island, Iceland, and Aland island. These countries all share borders and you get almost the same feeling when you are in any city in these countries.

There’s a lot of fun being in a Scandinavian city either on holiday or if you are relocating. Feeling comfortable in a Scandinavian city might seem a little bit hard because these people have a different culture, a different language, and so on. It makes it easy to spot a stranger from a native. This article will guide you on tips to feel like a local in Scandinavian cities.

1. Watch for Pickpockets:

Before you travel to any Scandinavian city, have it at the back of your mind that as rich as Scandinavians are, there are so many pickpockets in Scandinavian cities. Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and other popular Scandinavian cities are filled with pickpockets who want to rip strangers off their possessions. Watching out for them puts you a step ahead and makes you be on guard.

Avoid looking lost when you are in the public. These people can spot a lost face in the crowd and take a hint that you might be a new person in the city. The next thing they will want to do is make contact. They will try to get close to you by sitting near you or clashing with you to distract you further and seize the opportunity to take advantage of you. To be safer, carry only important items when you are going out and place your bag across your shoulder and not on your shoulder.

2. Spend Less:

It is an unarguable fact that Scandinavians are one of the richest people in the whole of Europe. The Scandinavian government has placed subsidies on many things that have made the cost of living in these cities affordable. There are discounts available to youths, students, family, senior citizens, and so on that you can take advantage of while in any of the cities.

You can also decide to tour the city yourself instead of going on expensive tours. If you are going to tour the city yourself, ensure that you rent a car that you can travel in and be very careful with how you interact with strangers. To be able to rent a car, you will need to get an international driving permit to travel around the cities safely. Lastly, keep receipts of everything that you buy while in the city, before you leave the city present these receipts at the airport and all the taxes that were collected from you during your stay in the city will be returned by the government.

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3. Bring Fans:

The fact that you are going to Iceland does not mean that you are going to an ice land. Scandinavian cities are hot compared to the thoughts of people that the cities will be cold. Worse still, most motels in Scandinavian cities do not have HVAC equipment to suffice for the hot weather, so unless you have somewhere else to stay, come along with a portable fan to help you with the heat. Also, bring spare batteries along in case you don’t find a place to buy them.

4. Be Careful:

There are a few safety tips that locals are aware of and you need to know as a visitor in Scandinavian cities. People tend to use bicycles more than they use cars in these cities so when you are walking, look around to be sure you are not walking on a bicycle path so you don’t get involved in an accident.

5. Meet with Local:

There are other tips that you need but you need to get closer to locals to know them. Visit local restaurants, local markets, try to learn the language, do things that can make you relate with locals and you will appear like a local to just anyone. You should also visit the nearby coworking spaces if you need to work remotely. They present the perfect workspace where you can meet experts and professionals and maybe even create new friendships or collaborations with the locals there.

6. Take care of your health:

Scandinavian locals always find time for exercising.There are many ways to take care of your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like cardiovascular disease. There are many ways that exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Improve the quality of your life by exercising, start with workout equipment and move on with your healthy life.

Final words

Knowing about a place before going there makes you feel safe when you are there. You get to know the right thing to do and you can enjoy your trip without any regrets. Finally, Scandinavians are taught English in school so you are sure to meet one or two Scandinavians that you can interact with.

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