How to choose a pizza restaurant

Pizza is an American staple. It’s tasty, affordable and easy to order at any time of day. But with so many options, it can take effort to figure out which one you should try next. Here, we help you choose the right pizza restaurant for your next dinner date or late-night snack!

Taste test their pizza

To get a taste of a restaurant, order a small pizza. You can also try ordering slices or whole pies from the menu. The crust should be crispy but not too hard and have good flavor and texture. The sauce should be sweet and flavorful—not too salty, acidic or oily (which can make your mouth water).

Visit at different times of day to see how busy they are at peak times

You’ll want to visit at different times of day for peak times. Knowing when the restaurant is busiest is important, so you can pick a time that works best for you. If you want to eat in, look for restaurants with long lines and don’t take reservations—they’re busy, and people are willing to wait longer for their food. On the other hand, if you’re only going out for takeout, it may be best not to choose a restaurant in high demand during dinner hours since there might be more than one person waiting on your order before it gets prepared (and then there’s no guarantee that it will even come out when they say).

If possible, go with friends or family members who’ve been there and can advise about how long things take (not all pizzerias are created equal!).

Takeout their pizza (obviously)

Takeout is the way to go if you’re looking for an easy way to get a feel for the restaurant. You can take your pizza home and enjoy it there or eat it in front of the TV when you get home. This is also a good option if you don’t want to leave your friends alone!

Takeout is another great option because it allows customers to see how friendly staff members are with each other and whether or not they have good customer service skills—or in other words: if this place has decent food but mediocre service, then we’ll probably still give them our business anyway because we’re hungry (and maybe also because we’re lazy).

Eat in, too (since some restaurants focus on one or the other).

Looking for a pizza place that serves both takeout and dine-in service? Check out the pizzas store locator. Your best bet is to head to an establishment specializing in one or the other.

However, if you’re willing to explore around town (and maybe even drive a little bit), then plenty of options are available! For example:

  • If your restaurant focuses exclusively on dine-in orders and has good reviews from past patrons, then it will likely be clean (which is important).
  • If your staff are friendly and helpful during your visit—especially if they know what kind of food goes well together—I’ll probably be back soon!
  • You should also look for restaurants whose menu offers something different than everyone else; this will give customers something new every time they come back too!

You need to know what you’re buying.

When deciding where to eat, it’s important to remember that many different factors are at play. You need to look at a restaurant’s website and make an informed choice. This is why we recommend visiting the restaurant in person so you can get a feel for what it feels like inside (and out).

Don’t rely on online reviews or photos alone—you need to go there in person! If only everyone would take this advice, we’d all be much happier customers.

You need to know what you’re buying regarding pizza. Taste test their food, visit at different times of day to see how busy they are, and takeout your pizza (obviously). If you like the experience, then go there again!

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