How Social Media Changes The Game For Artists

The impact of music is that which lasts forever, it is far beyond the pause and play buttons. Formulated in the late 1970s as an underground movement, hip-hop music has expanded into multiple forms of art and musical subgenres. One of the most popular styles of hip-hop is rap culture which is most popular among today’s youth.

The next generation stars of the hip-hop culture are ready to top the billboard, and young artists are eyeing to break the music industry’s cast of a typical hip-hop artist by questioning the industry’s conventions and standards. Hip-hop artists have taken the way of social media as its increasing influence will help them establish their aura and legacies as artists in the industry.

For the upcoming and aspiring hip-hop artists, there are many different available opportunities than those of early artists as the popularity of social media has changed the whole game. Short video apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Hipi, and Moj have been assets in promoting personal brands and music. Once a song gets trending on these platforms the song gets used by other artists, influencers, and audience in their videos and stories, this is how the song gets trending and you gain exposure and develop a fan base.

Like in the old days when an artist was completely dependent on the music labels who had their rights and industry executives it was difficult to take the power out of their hands. But today with social media allows people to take power out of their hand, it provides the opportunity for artists to be promoted and discovered on their terms. Social media helps artists to build their own brand and increase their fanbase.

With a population of over a billion, India has the world’s second-most significant number of internet users. With such substantial numbers, India has become the go-to market for various social media apps. Hipi, one such app with a massive fan following, is leading the Indian markets today. Hipi offers various opportunities, talent hunts, and digital contests on the app.

A lot of artists from the music industry have their presence on Hipi, Bohemia is also on Hipi and keeps treating his fans with his videos. Bohemia also known as Raja has a massive fan following all over the world. He is popular for his uncanny voice and rapping skills. Bohemia was born in Pakistan to a Punjabi Cristian family. While he was in his teens his family moved to the USA. It was there he got passionate about music.

There is no doubt that Bohemia is the king of hip-hop and desi rap. He is the pioneer of desi hip-hop in India and abroad. Bohemia is loved for his gangsta-style rap which got him instant fame and stardom in a short time. Apart from being a rapper he is also a lyricist. He writes in both Punjabi and urdu. Bohemia is associated with the Universal Music Group and other famous labels. He is very well known in the Punjabi music industry.

Hipi recently hosted a digital contest called PasstheMic, which attracted over 350 music lovers to create a chain of songs. Finally, the contest’s winner got to perform on TV with singer Salim on Antakshari on Zee Punjabi. This was the first time a short video platform hosted India’s first digital Antakshari and created a record with Hipi PassTheMic for the new generation of singers to enjoy the tradition of Antakshari.

The contest lasted for six weeks, with the participants singing and uploading their videos using the hashtag HipiPassTheMic and performing their favorite songs on the app. The participants later tagged the next singer in the caption to sing Hindi or Punjabi songs from the song’s last word, similar to the rules of classical Antakshari, passing the virtual mic to other participants. The contest was a huge success, with singing creators who received close to 3,200 video submissions across India. It made a record with 350 entries along the Antakshari chain. Hipi offered prize money of 10,000 to a winner each week, encouraging aspiring singers and hobbyists to fulfill their dream of becoming playback singers. The contest had a grand prize winner Laj. Also, a well-known participant in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021 won an opportunity to sing a duet with master Saleem on the Sets of Antakshari Season 2 of Punjabi, which was telecasted worldwide. Hipi is well-known for hosting such widely acknowledged talent hunts and other contests. The engagement numbers are high, and the interest shown by the participants is overwhelming.

Hipi is a destination for Short videos like many other forums. On Hipi, short-form videos are Creative, exciting, and spontaneous. Whether you’re a singing enthusiast, a dance lover, or just looking for an extra laugh, Hipi holds something for everyone. Celebrities on Hipi also have a huge fan following as your favorite celebs make exclusive content on Hipi. Bohemia enjoys a massive following on Hipi for his engaging content on the app.

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