How Can You Style Your Straw Fedora Hat During Summer?

All through hats got used for representing royalty and class. And in the past few years, hats have made a fabulous comeback in the fashion domain. Currently, it is taking over social media as different fashion influencers and bloggers are blogging about it.

The straw fedora hat womens has always been popular with women across all ages and is a great option for the beach gatherings and party. It is lightweight and allows women to pair it with their beach dress. That aside, you can also wear the hat for other purposes and in various other ways as well during summer. If you need help with ideas, we have a few suggestions for you.

1. Pair it up with white pants

Do you love to dress up for summer? If yes, you don’t to fix your attire. You can create a chic but simple look, that is apt for flaunting your fashion as you stay comfortable. If you choose a pair of white pants with a trendy top and pair it with your straw fedora, you won’t feel overheated in the light shades. You can go ahead and pair an eyelet embroidered top with slim-fit white jeans and also wear your flat slip-ons. And once you wear your straw fedora, you are ready for the occasion.

2. Wear it with rompers

If you plan to head to the beach, nothing will suit you better than a romper. It’s a great choice if you want to attend a pool party, be at the beach or simply explore the boardwalk. Choose breezy, light shades and select a comfortable and chic romper. You can also match it up with a complementing bikini and sport your straw fedora. Add some delicate jewellery to accessorize yourself.

3. Pair it with jumpers

Do you want to look carefree, glamorous and all set for the summers? If yes, you need to select a stunning jumper. It’s a great choice and is apt for giving you the best shoulder tan. You will feel fresh and cool irrespective of your vacation. You can pair it with a straw fedora and a cute bag. Additionally, you might want to choose a statement sunglass and stylish jewelry. Make sure that you have your camera with you, to click stunning pictures of yourself. The straw fedora with ensure you get the best images for your Instagram.

4. Pair the straw fedora with a western style ensemble

If you think that you have a limited dress options to pair with a straw fedora, then you need to research more. There are several fine western ensembles that you can sport all year round and look stunning. You can opt-in for a denim shirt and choose a wide-leg pant for yourself. Add your straw fedora to it. In addition, you can add in simple jewellery, block heels and a matching bag. You will look unique and it is perfect for an outdoor event, a casual workday and also for a lunch meet-up with a friend.

5. Wear your hat with a green flounced dress

Do you want to feel the magic of spring? If yes, you can sport a flouncy green dress and also pair it with mules and your straw fedora. This stunning look is classy and feminine and doesn’t have any scope for you to look over the top. You can sport this look when you are taking a walk on your favorite beach, attending a picnic at a park or even when you want to run an errand. You can also carry an oversized tote bag with it and add your little drop earrings. If you want you can even add in stacked clavicle necklaces.

6. Wear the hat with a French Riviera fashion dress

The straw fedora hats and the French fashion are something that exudes femineity and grace. If you want to look graceful and feminine this summer, you can opt-in for a Fedora straw hat along with a zebra-patterned dress which boasts the French Riviera trends. The hat’s crown brim will provide increased shade and allow you to stay cool under the warm sun.

7. Pair up the hat with peplum tops

The fedora straw hat will make you look stunning when you pair it with a black peplum top that has a deep neck and ends in the bow knot along with print shorts. You can also leave your hair open which will look perfect with the hat.

8. Sport the straw fedora with a swimsuit

Are you planning to spend some time with your family or friends at the beach? If yes, then a straw fedora is essential for you as it will provide you the much-required shade. And along with the hat, you can wear a short cotton dress or a playsuit along with a classy sunglass.

There are several ways in which a woman can style her straw fedora hats. There are some of the best styling ideas for summer.

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