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Busy lives call for simplicity and convenience. And when it comes to finding insurance, nothing makes your life easier than free insurance quotes.

Citizens Insurance will streamline the process to make things easy on yourself when it’s time to shop your insurance rates. You just need to enter your ZIP code on Citizen’s quotes form and select the type of insurance you’re looking for. They will match you with top insurers and agents in your area, offering the products and services you need. While a variety of options will be available, so many simply turn to as their car insurance prices are hard to beat.

It’s all quick, straightforward, and comfortable. Now that was unexpected, wasn’t it?

Relationships That Last

Why buy insurance from just any ole’ Joe? If insurance isn’t your thing, you can trust Citizens Insurance to weed through your options with each insurance provider. The company has been in the business for many years and has formed business relationships with agents and brokers nationwide who have your best interests at heart.

Take the guesswork out of finding an insurance company you can trust. They will put their expertise in the insurance industry to work for you today. They will hold your hand while you choose the right provider and establish lasting relationships that keep you coming back for more.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you’re well informed, it’s time to take action. We can help find what you need, whether you need:

  • homeowners or renters’ insurance for your home
  • cheap auto insurance for your car
  • life insurance to secure your way of life
  • health insurance to keep you healthy or
  • long-term care insurance for a lifetime of provision

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Don’t put it off. Protect yourself and your loved ones, both now and in the future, with the right insurance policies today.

Savings Made Simple

With inflation knocking on the door and budgets stretched tight as a drum, today’s families are suffering financially while searching for ways to make ends meet. If that describes your life, rest assured you can get the insurance coverage you need at the price you deserve with Citizens Insurance.


See, while you’re spending more at the grocery store or paying higher credit card rates, Citizens Insurance works to counter those inflationary effects with cheap insurance rates and discounts that add up to savings. By keeping the process simple and providing competitive auto and home insurance quotes through local agents, they pass the savings along to you. That’s what we call “savings made simple”- a rare commodity these days and times.

Citizens Auto and Home Insurance for the Recent Graduate


Whether graduating from high school or college, receiving a diploma often means more than academic achievement. For many students, it’s a rite of passage into an array of new responsibilities. Among these is buying insurance.


Moving out of their parent’s home or college dormitory comes with a slew of new insurance needs, including auto, home/renters, health, and life insurance. Investing in these early can help individuals obtain affordable premiums.

Tips to Get Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers


Auto insurance coverage is essential for those getting their first, last, or any other set of wheels. Most states require drivers to have auto insurance or sufficient wages to pay for damage incurred during an accident or theft.


  1. Personal umbrella liability coverage is one of the ways young motorists may protect against losses incurred by being sued after an accident, according to a recent article by In addition to the legal implications of such action, those who cannot pay may have their wages garnished.


  1. Maintaining a high credit score and a strong driving record are both ways consumers can obtain favorable auto insurance rates. Unfortunately, following these habits is not easily accomplished for those who have never owned a car or credit card. Young adults who do not have a credit history may be able to turn to a co-signer for their first auto loan.


  1. Students moving into a dorm may be eligible to remain on their parents’ home insurance policy. However, this level of coverage may not be enough to protect some of the valuables young people often bring to college.


  1. The Insurance Information Institute advises that young people leave valuables at home and take an inventory of those they must have at school. This is because if a parent’s homeowners insurance policy is worth $70,000 and covers 10 percent of their child’s possessions, this child would be responsible for any losses exceeding $7,000.


  1. Locking doors while in class and using a laptop security cable may also reduce the likelihood of theft, while using hot plates and microwaves carefully may avoid fire.


  1. Recent graduates who move into their own apartments, however, will sometimes be responsible for purchasing their own renter’s insurance. According to the III, this type of coverage protects the policyholder’s possessions and any additions to the property against all 16 types of disasters they could fall victim to.

Having renters’ insurance can make the difference between recovering from these incidents and not, according to a report by NBC affiliate KTUU. Low premiums may make this a small price to pay for such protection.

Like with other types of insurance, those purchasing home or auto coverage may reduce premiums by raising their deductibles. Consumers who take this approach, however, should be prepared to pay costs on smaller losses.

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