Fun Things to do in Amsterdam for Couples

Hey there! Are you a newly married couple and you are searching for a beautiful place where you both can do fun things and enjoy? The best place in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very romantic and beautiful place and couples can do many things there. Like there are very marvelous sights. You will see flowers around you. Amsterdam also gives you one more fun thing they have small very beautiful canals there so couples can also do pedal boating there. They can enjoy a beautiful sight at the time of sunset.

Many more fun things to do in Amsterdam for couples. They can also go.

  • Couples can visit the arts to see the beauty and creativity in people’s hands and minds.
  • There are many old sights, like old churches and very beautiful Greenlands with beautiful flowers there.
  • Many stand up comedy movie theatres their.

List of fun things to do in Amsterdam for couples

The following are the fun things that couples can do in Amsterdam.

  1. Candlelight dinner on Boat
  2. Visiting Museum
  3. Romantic rides on the boat
  4. See the beauty of parks on a bicycle
  5. Attend the concert
  6. Plan a trip to visit the Bollenstreek
  7. Must visit Concert Ge Bouw

Candlelight dinner on Boat

When you visit Amsterdam the most romantic thing on the trip is going on a candlelight dinner on a boat with your loving partner. You can see beautiful sights with your partner and relax with your perfect drink.

You can see the beautiful lights of Amsterdam at night and enjoy peacefully with the romantic music. The feeling of romance is on the next level. Candlelight dinner is a perfect option if you want to impress your partner. You both have a beautiful night then. Must execute this idea of ours.

Visiting Museum

The most popular museum you can visit there is Rijksmuseum.  Very beautiful architecture with antiques there so must explore this museum. And the other museum you can visit is Van Gogh which is also famous and it has very attractive architecture.

You can book a tour guide there that will guide you more about the beauty of the museum. You will see the sparkling galleries of the museum. Trust as must explore this museum this will be a lifetime memory for both of you.

Romantic rides on the boat

If you want to see Amsterdam’s beautiful buildings through the canal. Just do a simple thing rent a pedal boat. And explore the canal with the different colors of buildings around. Amsterdam has very beautiful and unique architecture all around the city. The fact is that you can see all the Amsterdam through the canal if you rent a pedaling boat there to enjoy.

See the beauty of parks on a bicycle

As you are a newly married couple and you both are excited about this whole new experience, so do one thing after the boat thing. Go to the city park and rent a bicycle for both of you. The bicycle will help you to explore these beautiful parks with different types of flowers there. And also don’t worry about the navigation just stay on the track of the park, because these are connected. So don’t miss this part. You will thanks us later.

Attend the concert

A very beautiful and huge place Pathé Tuschinski is like a movie theatre. Just go and watch the latest movie there. Don’t skip this theatre it has a name on the list of very huge movie theatres. Its curtains and ceiling are very antique when you entered the theatre you will feel like you have entered a black and white film.

Plan a trip to visit the Bollenstreek

Bollenstreek is a place where you only see flowers in a very lengthy radius. You will see different types of flowers over 35Km. Many different types of flowers can grow in this city like daffodils, tulips, many blooming flowers, and crocuses. You can also visit Bollenstreek on your bicycle this is just some hour away from Amsterdam.

Must visit Concert Ge Bouw

Basically, it is a very classy concert hall in Amsterdam since the 19th century. You can visit and enjoys the shows. But if you do lunch there you can enjoy a classy show there.

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